Activities and Classes from Area Museums and Organizations

Programs at the Massabesic  Audubon Center in Auburn, NH.


WEDNESDAYS, 10-11:30 am

COST: $12 M / $15 NM (per child/parent pair)



January 17: Tracks, Scat, and All of That!

Set out in snowshoes (weather permitting) to discover “stories in the snow.” Learn to identify animals that remain active in the winter by the traces they leave. We’ll look for tracks, scat, and other sign-like food middens, chewed twigs, and fur/feathers left behind.

January 31: Songs in the Sky, Signs in the Snow

Learn to identify common winter birds by their songs, as well as learning what their winter plumage and distinct footprint patterns in the snow look like. We’ll talk about songbirds and raptors that stay here for the winter.

February 14: Waiting to Bloom

Discover new plant life, hidden and dormant in winter, just waiting to explode! What’s in a seed? The trees will bud sooner than you think, and signs of spring are just around the corner. Learn how trees and other plants wait out the winter.

March 7: Seeds, Seeds, Seeds

What’s inside a seed? (Seed dissection) How do seeds travel? What starts the process of germination? Outside search for seeds and seed pods.

March 21: Eggs-citement!

Birds, Insects, Reptiles, Amphibians, – so many eggs! Dissect a chicken egg to identify life structures. Compare and contrast eggs of different animals. Get up close and personal with the Center’s reptiles and amphibians as we discuss their beginnings.

April 4: All About Nesting and Bird Eggs

Learn the likeness and differences of common bird nests. Build a bluebird house to encourage nesting. We will check out the Osprey Blind and birdhouses as we look for early returning birds.

April 18: Mammalabilia

Are all mammals born live? Take a look into gestation and birth of different native mammals. Learn about NH’s own marsupial! Witness the birth of deer twins (virtual reality)! Walk to discover emerging life categorizing by birth type.

May 9: Time to Plant!

Take a nature walk to identify early germinators in field and forest. Learning what we can grow to encourage pollinators. Set up sprouters to take home.

May 23: Eggs or Live Birth?

Take a look at reptiles and amphibians; not all are the same! Discover who lays eggs and who births live. Visit the pond to look for new signs of life!

June 6: Celebration of New Life!

Recap the wonders of new beginnings! Student Presentations! Games! Let’s check the nest boxes and pond to see what’s happening now!


WEDNESDAYS, 10-11:30 am

COST: $12M/$15NM (per child/parent pair)



January 17: Life Under the Ice

Fish, frogs and turtles spend their winter under ice. Who else might we find in this wintery water world? Some of these animals are thriving, while others are barely surviving. Come and explore this hidden world under the ice, and meet a few of the animals that spend their winter there!

January 31: Amazing Evergreens

Most trees are bare this time of year, but some still provide color to the wintry white forest. Come and explore the world of evergreens, and discover which animals rely on them for winter survival.

February 14: Burrowing Through Snow

As a layer of snow blankets the ground, all may appear calm and serene but is it? Who’s burrowing down there under the snow, and are they really warmer under there? Today we will take a look under the snow to discover the fury of activity taking place as our smallest of animals are struggling to survive.

March 7: Welcome Back Blackbirds

This is the time of year that red-winged blackbirds are returning from their winter vacations. Where had they gone? How do they find their way back? Why come back so early? Let’s take a walk outside to see their red displays and listen to their chatter!

March 21: Looney-Toons

I’m big and black and white all over. I have a most beautiful call and will dive deep for my dinner. What am I? A loon! These beautiful birds are arriving back to Massabesic and other lakes around the state. Come find out more about the uncommon common loon!

April 4: Night Creatures

Just as you’re getting ready for sleep, there are many animals that are just waking up… Who are these night creatures, and what are they doing awake? Come and learn about the habits of a few of our nocturnal neighbors, including owls and bats and raccoons—oh my!

April 18: Signs of Spring

Are you feeling winter weary? Spring should be right around the corner, and we’re on a quest to find it! Let’s see if we can figure out some of the tell-tale signs of spring, and learn what to look for in the coming weeks as spring creeps in.

May 9: Vertebrates

About 5% of all animals on Earth have a backbone like us- we call them VERTEBRATES. Today we will look at the five classes of animals with an internal skeleton. Can you name all five? Come today to play some bone-matching animal games!

May 23: Invertebrates

About 95% of all animals on Earth are INVERTEBRATES- animals without a backbone or internal skeleton. Some may be soft and squishy, and some may have a hard shell or exoskeleton. There are over a million different kinds. Come today and learn about our incredible invertebrates, while we meet a few up close and personal!

June 6: Food Chain

What do you eat when you get hungry? Is it the same thing that a deer eats, or an owl, or a frog? Why do some animals eat only plants and some eat only animals? Find out what the animals are eating now as we learn about nature’s food chains.

New Hampshire Audubon -Massabesic Center, 26 Audubon Way, Auburn, (603) 668-2045
New Hampshire Audubon -McLane Center, 84 Silk Farm Road, Concord, (603) 224-9909
New Hampshire Audubon offers may educational opportunities for homeschool families and the community. Classes every other Wednesday at Massabesic; both centers offer group programs at our facilities or your location.  More detailed information is available at


The Amoskeag Fishways Programs are offered during the school year.
Exploring River Life
2nd Thursday of every month, October to June, 10 am – 12 pm.
Rivers provide dynamic habitat for a diverse array of life. Through field trips, data collection and classroom instruction, we will focus our studies on the living and non-living components of the Merrimack River ecosystem. We will strive to understand how the conditions in distinct areas of the river support various forms of life. Cost: $10 per child per class or $80 for all 9 sessions. Ages 9 – 14. Advance registration with payment required.

New Hampshire Audubon McLane Center, 3 Silk Farm Road, Concord
New Hampshire Audubon offers may educational opportunities for homeschool families and the community. More detailed information is available at

BOAT CAMP Nature School
Contact: Debbie Lyons; Program Director or 978-463-2233

Camp Lincoln Nature Study Programs
Camp Lincoln in Kingston is offering year-round monthly homeschool programs focusing on environmental education on the third Friday of each month. Learn more at…

The Center for Wildlife, founded in 1986, is a wildlife medical clinic dedicated to the care of injured and orphaned wildlife in the Maine, Massachusetts, and seacoast New Hampshire regions. CFW provides medical treatment and sanctuary to around 1,600 injured and orphaned native wild animals each year, hosts a “Wildlife Assistance Hotline” through which we field around 12,000 calls inquiring about potentially injured wild animals each year, and presents around 225 education programs each year to schools, senior centers, outreach programs, 4-H clubs, and other organizations in our community. For more information about our work or our programs, please visit! If you have found an injured wild animals, please call our wildlife assistance hotline at 207-361-1400.

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire in Dover. Homeschooling families can take advantage of the museum’s year-round schedule of homeschool-specific classes and workshops like Homeschool STEAM or Homeschool Science. Please call the museum at 603-742-2002 during weekday business hours (9-5) to register and sign up for discounted membership. Keeping cost in mind, we also have First Friday $3 After 3pm on the first Friday night of each month through June. Kids and adults pay just 3 dollars each to explore the museum from 3 – 7 pm. We welcome your feedback on how the Children’s Museum of NH can best serve the needs of your family or homeschool group. Please contact our Education Director, Xanthi Gray, at 603-742-2002 or if you have suggestions or want to discuss an idea.

East Hill Farm offers a unique farm school immersion experience for homeschool families! Your students, ages 10-17, can participate in farm school activities while the rest of the family enjoys our resort facilities. Call for more information and group rates for this special offer Contact Jennifer at 800-242-6495 or

Enfield Shaker Museum
The Museum especially welcomes homeschoolers. We can customize a tour to fit any desired curriculum. Museum admission includes the introductory video program, guided tour, self-guided tour, exhibit galleries, West Brethren Shop, Mary Keane Chapel, Herb Garden, Feast Ground and more. Cost for school groups is $2.00 per student. Admission for teachers and all adult escorts is free, with a minimum fee of $20.00. All registration
information above is applicable except the deposit required is $20.

Environmental Education at the Great Bay Discovery Center
The Great Bay Discovery Center in Greenland offers programs to promote research, education, and stewardship throughout the Great Bay estuary. This winter programs for homeschooled children ages 6-11 will be offered on select Fridays through January, February and March. Each program consists of a mix of play, environmental education, crafts and exploration around Great Bay. For more information contact Colleen McClare at 603-778-0015 or

Harris Center for Conservation Education, Hancock, NH
Wednesday, January 28, 2015, 1:30pm, “Forever Evergreen” Homeschool Program
Discover the greens in winter by getting to know the Monadnock Region’s evergreen trees and shrubs. Learn who they are, who eats them, and how they stay green through the whole year. We’ll hear stories and myths about these special plants and learn the science of their staying power. We’ll find out how their boughs help animals survive the winter, and we’ll even take a sip and a bite out of these beautiful greens ourselves. This class for elementary school-aged children will meet Wednesdays, January 28, February 4, and February 11, from 1:30 to 3 p.m. at the Harris Center. Cost: $30 for Harris Center members/$50 for non-members Pre-registration is required. To register, please contact Sara at (603) 525-3394 or

Events and Classes at the Mariposa Museum in Peterborough

Environmental Programs for Merrimack County
Merrimack County Conservation District and AmeriCorps new GREEN Corps program would like to offer the opportunity for hands-on educational environmental programs for homeschooling groups. We tailor programs to the curriculum needs the individual group.Please contact:Vicky Stafford, GREEN Corps Member,Merrimack County Conservation District, 10 Ferry Street, Suite 211, Concord, NH 03301, 603-223-6023,

McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center–Planetarium, Concord
Workshop series for homeschoolers, from October through May on the second Thursday of the month.

Manchester Library Homeschooling Mornings
Mondays –-4/13, 5/11 11:30 AM in the Winchell Room. Once a month, there will be activities for home schooling families. There will be a different topic such as science, art, literature, etc. Bring a bag lunch. Registration required For more information on any children’s programs, please call at 624-6550 ext. 328.

Homeschool Programs at the Ingalls Memorial Library in Rindge
2nd Friday of the month at 1:00 p.m.
March 13, 2015: Camp Wildwood of Rindge presents a program on animals.
April 10, 2015: A visit to the Rindge Historical Society to learn about our town.
May 8, 2015: The UNH extension service will give a program on New Hampshire dairy farms.
Information can be found on the Town of Rindge website or email

Beaver Brook Association, 17 Ridge Road, Hollis, NH 03049, 603-465-7787, 2100 acres of natural landscapes, 35 miles of mapped trails to explore, a self-guided Natural history trail with educational guidebook available, ash bark wigwam, 12 theme gardens, community gardens, compost court, gazebo plus snowshoe rentals available in season. Beaver Brook also offers classes they will bring to your location and customize to your group. The Discover Spring Homeschool Program is a ten week session and takes place on Wednesdays 10:00 – 1:30 Ideal for students 6 to 14 years old. March 23, 30; April 6, 13, 20; May 4, 11, 18, 25; June 1 (excludes April 27) Check their website for details. Celeste Philbrick Barr, Education Director

Programs on Life in the 1700s at the James House Farmstead in Hampton
The James House Farmstead in Hampton offers a variety of educational activities and programs for homeschoolers. Field trips are free and the staff is ready to help students learn all about life on an 18th century salt marsh farm. Farming, weaving, period architecture, children’s games, horticulture, and archaeology are some features of the program. For more information visit

Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center, Weirs Beach, Laconia. Has a wide range of programs for learning about New Hampshire animals, plants, and the environment. Homeschool groups are very welcome.

Massabesic Audubon Center, Auburn, NH
603.668.2045, ,

The Fells, Newbury, NH
The Fells, is an educational center with a year-round program of classes,guided walks, exhibits, and special events. The historic Hay estate, gardens, and trails offer educational opportunities in ecology, horticulture, the arts, and history. One popular option is to explore the woods and gardens with our Nature Explorer Activity Kit! Each kit includes binoculars, a magnifying glass, a NH animals track guide, an ecology-themed activity booklet (appropriate K-4), a map and clipboard and pen packed into a convenient backpack. Topics include Finding Your Way and Safety, Mammals, Birds and Insects , Spiders and Webs, Animal Tracks, Trees, Habitats, Nature Journaling. Other Fun Activities at The Fells include The Fells Valley Quest and Geocache, the Self-Guided Ecology Trail, the Main House art and history exhibits (May – Oct), the historical tour of the Main House (May-Oct), The Woodland Fairy Village, the five formal gardens, and the Sunset Hill Hike.

Butterfly Place
The Butterfly Place, Westford MA. Only 5 miles from Nashua NH, we are an indoor, climate-controlled butterfly garden filled with hundreds of freely-flying butterflies. Visitors see the entire life cycle, have fun and learn something new. Staff at our show and tell area are always available to answer questions. Butterfly Hatching kits are available in our gift shop which may be brought home, and a new butterfly may be hatched, observed and then released. Please visit our website or call 978-392-0955. We are a great resource for home schooling families.

Programs at the Seacoast Science Center at Odiorne Point
Whether you come explore on your own, attend our weekly program for home schoolers, or schedule one of our group programs, the Center is a great place to learn about marine and environmental sciences, hands-on.
Exploring Odiorne for Homeschoolers
Exploring Odiorne for Homeschoolers is a drop in program where children and their favorite adult learn about the habitats, animals, and history (natural and cultural) of Odiorne through outdoor discovery and indoor activities. Each week is a learning adventure with an expert naturalist that may include exploring one of the seven habitats of Odiorne Point State Park, having a close encounter with a live animal, creating a take-home project, using scientific tools, and much more. The cost $15 for member children; $20 for non-member children; we ask that you sign up by calling 603-436-8043 or emailing by Tuesday so that we are prepared to the number and ages attending.

Marine and Coastal Programs for Groups
The Center is the ideal setting for your environmental education field trip. Located in Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, there are 7 different natural habitats and 135 acres to explore. Live animal and interpretive exhibits inside the Center reinforce learning. With a wide variety of topics, habitats and program formats to choose from, your visit to the Center will prove to be an exciting educational experience that will be remember for years to come. Both indoor and outdoor programs are available at the Center throughout the year. You can choose to have us bring a program to your meeting place. All programs can be altered to meet the needs of any group size, time frame or budget.
Prices are slated to increase in March 2015. Book your program before the new brochure and rates are released and save! You can learn more at the Seacoast Science Center at

Stonewall Farm in Keene
We are a non-profit educational farm located in Keene, NH. We have a working organic dairy and CSA garden/ greenhouses. Our mission is to connect people to the land and the role of local agriculture in their lives. Our playground, animal barns, trails, and picnic areas are open to the public everyday of the year from dawn to dusk and the Learning Center and farm store is open 7 days a week from 9 – 4:30. Our home school programming explores agriculture and nature through hands on experiences and science based programming. Please visit our website, or call for more information 603.357.7278

American Independence Museum
The American Independence Museum in Exeter, NH offers a wealth of classes and other learning activities for students. Look at their web site for great offerings for people who love history, or call 772-2622.

Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth is an authentic 10-acre outdoor history museum, dedicated to bringing 300 years of American history to life. Strawbery Banke is open for self-guided touring May 1 – October 31 and special programming November – March including hands-on interactive tours highlighting the history of Thanksgiving and daily life in Colonial times. Visit or email for more information.

Programs at Canterbury Shaker Village
Check the website for details on Family Program and the Homeschool Program.

Hands-on Nature Study at The Little Nature Museum in Warner
The Little Nature Museum has many collections to browse through–everything from fossils to shells to mounted birds and nests– many exhibits on wildlife and earth science, and a wide variety of hands-on activities for all ages. Enjoy the “Medicine Woods Nature Trail” behind The Little Nature Museum using the Museum’s “Woods’ Wonders” nature packs designed for preschool – 3rd grade. The trail, owned by the Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum, (another great place to visit) is located across the parking lot. This summer, the museum will be offering workshops with outdoor expert, Rudy Bourget, as well as a camp program with the Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum. Check for details. The Indian Museum and The Little Nature Museum will host “Harvest Moon & NatureFest” on Sept. 25, an annual event filled with outdoor activities and live animals.
The museum is open on Fridays and Sundays, noon – 5 PM and on Saturdays and holidays from 10:30 AM – 5 PM beginning on Sunday, May 22 to October 30. Groups need to make an appointment. Fees: $25/group + $3/child and $3/adult. To learn more or make reservations, contact Sandra at 746-6121, and go to

Montshire Museum, Norwich, VT
Events for Homeschoolers at the Montshire Museum in Norwich, VT

The Nature of Things, LLC, 10 Groton Rd., Nashua, offers field trip opportunities on our working farm and adjacent 350 acres of forested conservation land. Field trip and group programs include Farm Animal Science, Team Building, Low Ropes Course, Pond Ecology, Forest Studies, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Orienteering, and Horseback Riding Lessons. We also have organic gardens, a green house, and a hands-on science center.
Contact: Debbie Gleeson or Cheri Birch 603-881-4815,

The New Hampshire Telephone Museum in Warner has the largest collection of antique telephones in the area, beginning with a replica of Alexander Graham Bell’s invention all the way to today’s cellular telephones. They have a working switchboard circa 1900’s, coin operated pay telephones, a working Strowger automated switching system and every type of old telephone imaginable. For more information, please visit

In-depth Nature Classes in Barrington
Project Nature
Angela Hanscom, 217 Smoke St., Barrington, NH, (603) 380-2566,

Margret and H.A. Rey Center in Waterville Valley, NH.
The Rey Center is a non-profit whose mission is to honor the Reys’ (authors of Curious George books) spirit of curiosity and discovery by increasing understanding of and participation in art, science and nature through programs for youth, adults, and families. The Rey Center is a great place for families to discover and learn together. For a complete listing of our programs go to and contact us if you have any questions.

Learn about Farm and Home Life in the Past
The Remick Museum in Tamworth offers discovery through the senses with a wide range of theme-based education programs that interpret domestic and agricultural life through the past 200 years. A combination of hands-on activities and discussion encourages deeper understanding of the topics. We would like to offer home school classes the second Friday of every month from 10-1:00. The cost is $5p/p and the minimum number per day is 10 students, pre-registration is required; if interested please check out our website at or call 323-5115.

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center
The Science Center provides a 200 acre classroom for your homeschoolers with fields, forests, ponds and streams. There are several hiking/walking trails with the most popular one being the Gephart Live Animal Trail where you will find native New Hampshire wildlife in natural enclosures with many hands-on exhibits and activities.

Swain Dairy Farm, 247 Hunkins Pond Road, Sanbornton, NH 03269
We are offering children art classes Wednesday from 3:30 – 5pm in the farmhouse studio on the farm. Cost per class is $8 per child or three sessions for $20. Saturday mornings 9:30 -11:00 by rsvp. Children will be creating art projects that ranges from learning about different cultures, exploring different art techniques to mastering the basics of drawing and painting. Instructor Liz is a professional artist as well as a certified art teacher with ten years of teaching grades k-8. For more information, directions, questions a/o rsvp please call Liz at 603.455.4660 or email at
Any fieldtrips to visit the farm may call Liz about setting up dates and times.

Programs at the Tin Mountain Conservation Center, Albany, NH
Homeschool Program For more information or to register – call 447-6991 or email

Vermont Institute of Natural Science Homeschooling Series Quechee, VT
Programs designed specifically for homeschooling families. VINS offers programs geared to specific age levels, (grades 1-3 and 4-6) and both groups meet at the same time and cover the same topic. Call 802.359.5000 x223 for information.

Bold Paths offers outdoor education throughout the year, including outdoor and primitive skills, cross country skiing (with gear), natural arts, environmental education and watershed studies. We are available during the ‘school’ day. We also offer summer camps, which include outdoor adventures, teen leadership skills, with the possibility to become a counselor working with children and the outdoors. With at least 14 gentle water kayaks available, we teach ACA kayak instruction and lead youth and family custom-designed and educational kayak trips, anywhere from a couple hours on the water to several days or a week. Come explore with us

Nature-Based Learning Programs for Homeschoolers
Since 1999, White Pine Programs of York, Maine has offered quality, long-term nature and mentoring programs for kids and teens ages 6-14. Our flagship program, the White Pine Community School, is a 3-day per week program that fosters academic and personal growth in the context of nature-based learning. We also offer single-day and half day programs. Visit us online or call our office at 207-361-1911 to speak with us today!

Outdoor Escapes New Hampshire offers homeschooling families the opportunity to learn lifelong outdoor recreation skills on wilderness tours in every region of New Hampshire, year round. Based in the White Mountains, our professional guides will meet participants at a location depending on their interests and abilities—usually a local trail or waterway, but it may be as far as they’re willing to travel. We specialize in teaching backcountry skills such as remote camping, outdoor cooking, leadership, map and compass, and survival, as well as these individual sports: hiking, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, fly fishing, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. We also offer animal tracking/behavior/signs, wild edibles, and other nature topics such as all about moose. Day trips, multi-day packages, and custom Escapes available. Please visit for booking info, or call Lucie Villeneuve (603) 528-0136.