Homeschoolers invited to Education Days with the Fisher Cats

Join hundreds of schools from throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine, as they take part in an educational setting while attending a professional baseball game. Spend the game exploring all the events and educational booths that will be set throughout the concourse.

The Fisher Cats encourage you to plan your lesson plans around your field trip to the park.
Here are some ideas:
• Statistics: Calculate the batting averages, earned run averages, and slugging percentages for Fisher Cats players
• Physics: Discuss kinetic and potential energy and how pitchers make a curveball "curve"
• Arithmetic: Create a budget, and using the prices of concession stand products, calculate how much you spent and received in change
• Geometry: How many right angles can you find at the ballpark? What shapes make up the playing field?
• History: Discuss how the Fisher Cats got their name. Discuss why "#42" is retired on the right field wall

The dates this year are April 12, May 24 and June 7. Contact Stephanie Fournier to get tickets. | | p: 603.606.4105 | f: 603.641.2055