Homeschooling Through High School

More and more families choose to homeschool through high school and more and more families start homeschooling during the high school years. Because of this, many more materials are available for teaching high school subjects.

As you start planning a high school course of study with your student, it’s most important to work on deciding what your student wants to do after high school. If college is in the plans, take a look at the admission requirements at the type of school your child is interested in. If they are looking at a particular career path, see what courses might be available in your area or online. Students can work with adults to learn what particular jobs entail. They can become EMTs, pilots, landscapers, and newspaper writers all without attending college.

The first concern parents usually have is how to tackle the tough subjects. There is a wealth of homeschooling curricula available for teaching everything from chemistry to Italian. Many textbooks are backed up by lectures on CD or DVD, or online. High school and college courses can be taken online. Often there is a homeschooling parent nearby who teaches high school classes in their area of expertise, or homeschoolers hire a tutor and put together a small class. Homeschoolers frequently get together for lab courses in such subjects as biology and chemistry.

Many support groups have teen activities. There is a very large teen group based in Concord. Home Schooled Teens Together is a group that focuses on fun social experiences for home schooled teens, and support for their parents. Over 100 teens are in the club and a portion of them meet one evening a month for an outing of some kind, in the Concord area. Examples are nighttime capture the flag, board game marathon, Christmas Party, Beach Party, and much more. For more info please contact Cheryl & Trevor at

Finishing High School Early

You can certify completion for a student under the age of 18 who has finished high school by sending a letter to the Commissioner of Education. Otherwise the requirements of the homeschooling law must be met until the student turns 18. You can use the format in this sample.

Applying to College

Follow the link for more information on applying to college.

Instead of College

With the rising cost of a college education, more and more students are looking at other options. Here are some we’ve seen.

Other Places to Find Information

Kemlo Aki, former New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition Board member, has put together an excellent Homeschooling Through High School page on her website You will find many resources there to get you started.

Great discussion on the Homeschool to College Yahoo group

This page is still “a work in progress”. Please check back as we post more information here.

Changes to the Youth Employment Requirements

According to an Inspector at the New Hampshire Department of Labor, an Employment Certificate is only required for youth under age 16. They may only perform jobs which are on the approved list. Youth age 16 and 17 do not require an Employment Certificate, and may perform any job which is not disallowed, but they must submit a parental permission form. Anyone under age 18 is subject to restricted work hours, and may not work during the public school day regardless of their method of schooling unless they have graduated high school.If you have any questions about whether or not a job is allowed or disallowed, or any other topic related to youth employment in New Hampshire, please call (603) 271-0127.

Parents authorizing a NH Youth Employment Certificate for their own children should fill out the appropriate form and keep a copy for their records; additionally, one copy must be kept on file by the employer, and one copy should be mailed to:
NH Department of Labor
PO Box 2076
Concord, NH 03302-2076
An official triplicate form may be obtained from the New Hampshire Department of Labor.

Some programs of Special Interest to New Hampshire Homeschoolers

VLACS, the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School is New Hampshire’s statewide online virtual public high school and middle school where we offer students the opportunity to learn at their own pace from anywhere.

Tuition Free for all students residing in NH
We accept out-of-state students
Students are part or full-time
An approved NH Public School
Over 125 certified instructors
Over 100 MS, HS and college classes
On-going registration. Start anytime!
Each student receives one on one instruction from his or her instructor. Learning at their own pace allows the student to fully comprehend every lesson, every test and every course. Course material is accessible 24/7. As long as students have computer access, students can attend a course anytime, from anywhere which means students can work on a course at night or the weekend, part or full time.

VLACS offers bi-monthly Virtual Open Houses for parents who are interested in learning more about VLACS.

Dual Credit for High School and College

eStart is a collaboration between the Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) and the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS). Students must be at least 15 years old to be eligible.
Earn high school and college credits for the same CCSNH 100% online course.
Pay $150 for CCSNH tuition plus the cost of a textbook. (save on college costs) Access the course from any Internet connection. Students work at their own pace to accomplish specific weekly assignments. Use the rich resources of the Web with a college instructor facilitating and encouraging a high level of student-to-student and student-to-faculty interaction.

Computer Programming Certification
The Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) is offering a new Computer Programming Certificate for High School Students. The Programming Certificate consists of a total of six (6) 100% online courses which confer concurrent high school and college credit. The certificate is designed to prepare students for careers in computer programming, and provide the skills necessary for entry-level positions in the field. Please see the CCSNH press release,
For more information or to register for a course go to, or contact me directly.

New Hampshire Homeschoolers Qualify for AP/IB Testing Discount

Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, income eligible NH homeschool students can obtain a fee reduction waiver for Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate & Cambridge (IB&C) testing. Income requirements for this grant program are in line with those for Free and Reduced Lunch programs. In order to qualify for the full discount, home educators must inform the testing-school’s guidance counselor that they will be applying for a fee reduction waiver upon registration. There are then two ways to obtain the fee reduction:

1. The homeschooler pays only the co-pay to the school providing the testing which then processes the reimbursement and retains records of the student’s eligibility.

2. The homeschooler pays the full fee to the school providing the testing and then submits eligibility documents to the NH Department of Education along with an invoice for reimbursement. Qualifying eligibility documents include a federal income tax return or proof of Medicaid enrollment.

For the 2013-14 school year home educators can receive a partial reimbursement of $37 by using option #2.

Open Courseware courses at MIT at California State courses from all over the world at Yale at Utah State
MATLAB Computer Programming from Vanderbilt University.

A Listing of Massive Open Online Courses–CourseBuffet puts MOOCs in a course catalog format similar to what you will find at a university. This means grouping similar courses together and in relative order. This makes it easier and faster for users to compare courses and plan the order they might take courses. Their search results are clean, they don’t list paid courses or take affiliate fees or have advertisements. For all the areas and subjects on CourseBuffet, check out

Many other programs are available; look for open courseware online.

North Atlantic Regional School (NARS) fully accredited, located in Maine.
They will prepare transcripts for you but allow you to select your own
curriculum and work independently. You can also get a diploma through them.

Kroka Expeditions, based in southern Vermont, offers two alternative High School semester programs for grades 10-12 and the post graduate year. Students in the Vermont Semester ski the length of Vermont from south to north during the winter months, build a wood/canvas canoe in April, and canoe back down the Connecticut River in the spring. Students in the Vermont-Ecuador Semester travel to Ecuador to spend time on the instructors’ family farm, then move into the rain forest to live with and learn from indigenous people, and wrap up their semester by climbing the volcano Cotopaxi.For more information contact Kroka Expeditions at (802)387-5397 or visit our website

Step Ahead Program at Franklin Pierce University
The Step Ahead program allows area high school students in their senior year to take classes open to our traditional freshman. Home educated students do not have to be “seniors”, but it is important that the students are socially and academically prepared to succeed and enjoy their experience.
Classes are $100.00 per credit and most classes usually carry 3 credits or 4 credits if there is a lab. There are a wide variety of classes offered; college writing, sports and recreation management, anthropology, graphic design, and philosophy just to name a few. Contact Terry Skorewicz, Assistant Director of Admissions, 603.899.4059,, Franklin Pierce University, 40 University Drive, Rindge, NH 03461.

Great Bay Community College Business and Training Center offers a variety of programs available to homeschoolers.
For more information visit

Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner, MA
Offers homeschoolers part-time or full-time classes; on-line classes; three campus locations; Honors Program; 4-day schedule; small classes; affordable; local; personal. You can start college at age 16, WITH financial aid.

Liane (rhymes with Diane) Jablonski is a former home schooling mom who now teaches, works in enrollment, and recruits for MWCC. “All 6 of my children have started their higher education at the Mount, coming from a non-traditional high school background. MWCC has hired me to spread the word about the flexible opportunities available to homeschoolers. Individuals, families, or groups are encouraged to schedule a consultation with me to gather information, ask questions, and see how MWCC can work for you and your future.”

River Bend Career and Technical Center, Bradford, VT
Students who reside in the following NH towns: Piermont, Monroe, Woodsville, North Haverhill, Haverhill, Benton, Piermont, Bath, Lyme, Orford, and Pike, are eligible to attend River Bend Career and Technical Center (see ) during their Junior and Senior years of high school. Home schooled students have this same right. Applications for the 2011-12 school year are due March 31, 2011. Any interested student should call Karen Collman, Guidance Coordinator, at 802-222-5212 ext. 135 to arrange a visit to the center.

Murray’s Technical Education
Michael Murray teaches AutoCAD drafting online to homeschoolers. Teenage homeschoolers who are looking for a fun and rewarding learning experience can sign up for either of two classes: Drafting 1 Mechanical or Drafting 2 Architectural Drafting. The field of Drafting and Engineering is growing and CAD is the program most used in the industry. Students can become certified in AutoCAD and have an edge when entering college.
Michael is a state certified teacher and has been teaching for almost 30 years. He is available by phone or e-mail for support. Please visit

Summer Pre-college Programs at Champlain College
This summer, Champlain College is offering five pre-college programs for high school students in the fields of IT, Cybersecurity, Digital Media, Game Development, Writing, Art and Graphic Design. Each program offers students the opportunity to build new skills, try out a major or career field of interest and get a preview of life on a college campus. This experience will also strengthen their college applications, since admissions officers will consider this a significant academic accomplishment and a sign of a motivated learner. Read more at