New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition Quarterly Board Meeting

Location: Elkins Library, Canterbury, NH Date: October 5, 2016 Call to order 6:10pm

Representatives and Officers in attendance were Amy Gall, Chris Seiler, Barbara Roland, Emilia Brown, Paula Marie Passen, and Faye Grearson. Christina Knickerbocker. Jacquie Allman came in at 8pm.

Minutes of June 2016 meeting Amy’s notes from the June meeting were reviewed. A motion to adopt the notes as meeting minutes was made by Barbara and seconded by Faye. Motion passed.

Officer Reports
Coordinator/HEAC Report – Amy reported that she filed all necessary nonprofit paperwork including the bylaws paperwork with the pertinent agencies.

Amy reported about the law change which allows parents to authorize working papers for their own children. Emilia asked about the case of children who have their own businesses (ie mowing lawns) but the answer was not known. The case of children who work in a family business was also discussed; the NH Department of Labor will not interfere. Amy will scan the packet she received from the DOL and make it available along with instructions on the website.

Amy reported about the annual HEAC report to the NH Board of Education, and ongoing meetings to discuss the report. The pertinent issues were discussed including an equal access loophole, special education services, the 50% rule, and the lack of definitions of “attending” and “provide” in the law.

Amy reported about a number of calls and emails she has taken in the past quarter. Christina noted that the Barnes & Noble fundraiser is easy. Amy asked about creation of a homeschool GSA. Board consensus is that if someone starts one we would post it on our support groups page.

Treasurer – Chris presented the treasurer’s report. Faye made a motion to accept it as presented, which was seconded by Emilia and passed unopposed.

Webmaster – No report was presented. The board discussed a desire to make the donation button bigger. Christina noted that she has heard it is cumbersome to find activities within a geographical area on the website. Amy noted that field trip opportunities and resources are printed that way in the Guidebook for anyone who wants to purchase a copy or borrow one from a library. Christina volunteered to contact activities and support groups on the website to see if they are still operating.

Representative Reports

Dist. 1—vacant
Dist. 2—Barbara Roland reported that she attended and handed out brochures at an ask-thehomeschooler meeting at the public library which was attended by 8 families plus a nosey grandma. She took a few phone calls this quarter including one about a third grader who was pulled out of public school due to a lack of SpEd evaluation and a disciplinary problem. The parent requested worksheets from the school and was chastised by principal before getting curriculum help. She also heard from someone with an 11th grade son who thought he couldn’t fill out FAFSA because he was a contentious objector and didn’t want to sign up for selective service.
Dist. 3 – Emilia has taken over leadership of a local homeschool support group, and also attended some not-back-to-school groups. She has heard from some people looking for more social groups, and others who want to borrow curriculum from the school. One parent with a child who has been in and out of public school more than once describes the child as having some emotional coping deficits and the parent is looking for social resources and supports.
Dist. 4 – Robin Hanson – absent
Dist. 5 – Faye Grearson reported that a tech center director has contacted her about how to homeschool their child after Faye’s son went to the CTE for a part time class; homeschoolers have been a great match for that CTE program. She hears from a lot of Vermont people wanting to homeschool this year – they are looking for resources more than law questions, and they are all impressed by the website. She has heard from a 50/50 mix of people pulling kids out vs people planning for early elementary.
Dist. 6 – Becky Delsignore
Dist. 7 – Paula Marie Passen reported that she has had a few calls regarding compliance, deciding whether or not to homeschool, and it has been easy and fun. Dist. 8 – Karen Deighan
Dist. 9—Jacquie Allman reported that she gets lots of how-to-get-started calls, one from the father of a newborn! One person wants to homeschool a child who is not their own, but the parent is okay with it. Most of the calls are people seeking resources, and she has found a lot of answers for them on our website.
Dist. 10—Aimee Seiler – absent, but Chris reported that she hears from many people who want someone to set up a homeschool program for them; she walks people through it over the phone.
Dist. 11—Erica Sylvester – absent
Dist. 12 – vacant

Discussion was held about finding local resources and including out-of-state activities and opportunities for those who live along state borders. The board was interested in adding nearby outof-state resources to the website and putting up a list of FB homeschool groups.

A question was discussed regarding use of an evaluation by a school district for sports participation: If there is a child playing school sports the school will ask for a report card; the question was about whether or not they can ask for or require an evaluation.

Old Business
2016 Spring Workshop between April 1 & May 30
Easter (April 16)
MassHope (April 27-29),
Mother’s day weekend (May 14)
Check out locations to find out when they are available between April 1 & May 30 ? Nackey Loeb
St. Anselm
St. Elizabeth Seton
Shrine building in Concord
Audubon in Concord
Hooksett Public Library o Find out about price (under $500)
Create Doodle poll for when volunteers are available o Law for 30 minutes, then break out immediately into elementary and high school sessions

Homeschooling High School Mini-Workshop
October 22nd – informal homeschooling high school around the state
Collaborate on a google doc outline of topics
Faye/Barbara – Upper Valley – Lebanon
Amy/Christina – Hooksett Public Library 11am-2pm
Get school bulletin for local high school

New Business
Officer Elections
Coordinator: Amy Gall
Secretary: Christina Knickerbocker
Treasurer: Chris Seiler o Webmaster: Stef Marsh o Newsletter Editor: Abbey Lawrence Faye moved to accept the slate of officers as presented, seconded by Barbara. Motion passed.

Membership List Update – Emilia has a short list and is willing to help. Christina is also willing to help. The list of questions to ask members is in the June meeting minutes and will be sent out again via board list. If people are no longer homeschooling, would like to be taken off our list, or have changes to their contact information, pass that information along to Amy who manages the membership list.

Adjourn 8:57