The New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition News July 2016 Volume XXVII Number 11

New Representatives on the New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition Board

We’re happy to announce the results of the recent election of representatives for NHHC districts. These representatives can help you get started in homeschooling, connect you with other homeschoolers and activities in your area, and answer many of your questions or direct you to more resources.

District 1 (Portsmouth Area)--no representative at present.
District 2 (Keene/Monadnock Area) Barbara Roland .
District 3 (Littleton area) Emilia Brown.
District 4 (Rochester area) Robin Hanson.
District 5 (Sunapee area) Faye Grearson.
District 6 (Derry/Salem area) Becky Del Signore.
District 7 (Nashua area) Paula Marie Passen.
District 8 (Carroll County) Karen Deighan.
District 9 (Concord area) Jacquie Allman.
District 10 (Manchester area) Aimee Seiler.
District 11 (Laconia area) Erica Sylvester.
District 12 (Berlin/Colebrook area), no representative at present.
Congratulations to all!

If you or someone you know is interested in serving the homeschooling community by filling one of our volunteer Board Member or Officer positions, please contact the Coordinator, Amy Gall at 838-5081,

Members also voted on a few changes to the NHHC constitution, including updating the towns included in various SAUs and allowing officers to vote at Board meetings. The ratified constitution can be viewed at

Home School Nerf Club

Reservations are being taken for the 2016-2017 Home School Nerf Club, now in its seventh year. The club meets on the second Tuesday of the month, September through June, for two sessions (11:45 - 1:00 and 1:00 - 2:15) at a gymnastics center in Bow, where we use the mats and equipment for forts and walls and castles to play games with Nerf Guns, including Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, and Castle. Special events include Medieval Nerf, Holiday Nerf, and a tournament with prizes and a trophy at the end of the year.

Members are home schoolers age 7 through high school. Good sportsmanship and team work are stressed. The gym is completely padded and our rules and organization keep it all safe and fun. It is $12.50 per session. For more information, contact Cheryl at Available openings fill up quickly.

Home Schooled Teens Together

Home Schooled Teens Together was started about ten years ago with twenty teens who wanted to meet other home schooled teens; for the past few years we have had enrollments of over 100.

The large enrollment gave our members the opportunity to meet many different home schooled teens, and for parents to meet other parents who are home schooling teens, from all over the state as well as from Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine.

We are an old fashioned social club for home schooled teens from age 13 through graduation. We meet once a month in the Concord, New Hampshire area from around 6:00 p.m. to around 9:00 p.m., usually on the last Friday of the month, for an activity, outing, or party. Past activities have included indoor rock climbing, nighttime snow tubing, masquerade party, bowling, skating, nighttime capture the flag, nighttime picnic, laser tag, swimming, board game marathon, holiday/Christmas party, indoor winter picnic, mixer, talent show, mini golf, high school graduation, Nerf Club outing, Museum of Science, classic movie morning, and beach party.

Members vote on our activities for the year. This year we'll consider paintball, video game LAN party, nighttime sleigh ride and bonfire, and a faux prom. Our club has been made up of the nicest kids on the planet, and all our activities are geared towards making friends and having fun. We have had seven home school graduations on the beach in Maine surrounded by family and friends.

Enrollment will be first come, first served, after previous members and their newly turned 13 siblings. If you would like more information, or would like to join, please contact me at

Answering Concerns about Homeschooling

We received an inquiry from a woman concerned about her friend's grandsons being homeschooled while the parents worked full-time. I sent her the following reply and was gratified to receive a friendly note from her thanking me for the information.

Our webmaster forwarded your inquiry to our Board list, and I offered to address your concerns. Let me begin with some general observations. The notion that people don't learn unless someone else, physically present, teaches them is easily debunked when you think of all the things you know that you learned on your own. An example of the kind of objection to homeschooling that used to be frequently heard was, "But how are you going to teach them algebra?" To which I would reply, "I'm not; the book is going to teach them algebra." Of course, a person, the author of the book, is doing the teaching in this example, and if the text is well-written there might be little need for an intermediary, depending on the student. I often noticed that my children even at an early age learned things that I didn't know, so obviously their knowledge wasn't a result of my teaching. In fact, when they were pursuing a subject they were interested in, all they needed from me was encouragement and assistance in finding resources. Even in subjects I assigned to meet my goals rather than their immediate interests, I found that too much micromanaging on my part was not helpful.

Certainly adult guidance can be important, and some students need more than others. Your concern that your friend's grandsons can't "be expected to teach themselves everything" overlooks the fact that the parents are very much involved in writing lesson plans and reviewing the boys' studies, fulfilling their legal obligation to oversee their sons' education. The self-reliance and responsibility these boys are practicing are invaluable life skills, and your friend's "bragging" indicates that she is pleased with their work, and she has, I assume, first-hand evidence of how well it's going.

I think you needn't be concerned in this case. Do feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about homeschooling.
Abbey Lawrence

Horseback Riding Lessons and Camp in Wolfeboro

High Meadows Farms offers year-round horseback riding lessons, trail rides and summer day camp for all ages and abilities. Specializing in first time riders, building self-confidence, and hunter jumper style lessons. Homeschool group rates are available. For more information visit or contact Sue Ballentine at 603-539-6052.

Visiting Students from Russia

We are looking for people to share their knowledge of American culture, American values and American language with our international students. Two students visiting the Seacoast from Russia and the Ukraine this August will be participating in the Experience America Program. Both are solid students and speak some English. They are looking forward to developing their English language skills and learning about the American way of life. There will be extensive exposure to American businesses, institutions, and agencies, and meetings with local politicians, government officials, journalists, editors, business owners, service providers, and educators.

If you are interested in participating or for more information, contact Marina Forbes at (603) 332-2255 or by e-mail at

Hip Hop Dance Classes in Kittery, Maine

Larissa Fogg is offering hip hop dance classes on Wednesdays at the Kittery Community Center. The session runs for six weeks. The cost is $48 for Kittery residents and $53 for non-residents, or drop in for $12 per class. You may also join the session late (Editor's note: Classes started July 6.) and pay a prorated tuition; registration can be done in person or online. Students should bring a water bottle and clean sneakers, and wear comfortable clothing. More info is available at
Classes for 8-11 year-olds run from 10:30-11:15. Teen Hip Hop for ages 12+ runs from 11:20-12:20. No prior dance experience necessary. Students will be exposed to many styles of hip hop, such as R&B, Waacking, House, Reggaeton, and others.

If you are interested in ballet, jazz, or contemporary, contact Larissa at She is willing to schedule group classes, with a minimum of four students, as well as private and semi-private classes.

Remember, check our website for more activities and announcements!

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