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Summer is Here!

Please remember that homeschooled students are required to have an evaluation each year. There is no longer a specific date by which this needs to be done, but the end of the year is when most of us either have a portfolio review with a certified teacher, give an achievement test, or have another type of evaluation that we have arranged with our participating agency (the school district or private school). Click to see the list of evaluators and tests available. Details of the homeschooling law are here

Curriculum Sales Coming Up

First Agape Homeschool Co-op is having its annual used curriculum sale on Saturday, June 6, from 10 until 1, at 5 Myles Drive in Auburn. For more information or to reserve a free table, email Katherine at

Weare Home Educators will hold their book and yard sale on Saturday, June 6, from 8 until 2, at the Village Chapel Baptist Church, 15 Twin Bridge Road in Weare.
WHE families will be selling curriculum, books, educational materials, toys, sports equipment, etc. during the Weare Town Wide Yard Sale.

Seacoast Christian Home Educators Association (SCHEA) Annual Used Curriculum Sale
Saturday, June 20 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Grace Community Church, 159 Rochester Hill Road, Rochester
We are moving to an online system for our sale. Our web address ( will feature all book sale information, including volunteer opportunities, pick up and drop off times, list of your items for sale, as well as sales reports in real time.
Benefits include:
* Faster tagging- items are entered online using mostly drop down menus. Tags are printed directly from this website; no more colored card stock to deal with.
* Checkout will be speedy and accurate as we will be scanning the bar codes on our new tags and not needing to use adding machines, remove tags from each item, or sort tags.
* A report of your sold items will be available for you as soon as the sale is complete.
* A report of your books for sale will be available for you to print which you can bring to pick up to ensure that you are receiving all of your unsold books back.
We will be adjusting our fee system this year as well. In order for SCHEA to continue to provide meetings and events without charging a membership fee, we will be moving to a 10% commission on sales and eliminating the previous upfront seller fee. (We looked at local consignment sales and found that a 30% or higher commission was the norm; we are hoping that you agree that 10% is reasonable.)
If you would like to sell your curriculum or books at the sale or volunteer your time, go to and create an account. Volunteers have the benefit of shopping early at the Friday night pre-sale. Email questions to

Friday Afternoon Trampoline Jumping

Launch Trampoline park in Nashua offers special rates for homeschoolers every Friday from 12:30 until 3. $10 per jumper, accompanying parent included at no additional charge. Contact or 318-7600 for additional information or questions, or visit

Summer Music at the Upper Valley Music Center

The Upper Valley Music Center in Lebanon offers summer music programs for every age, from camps to festivals and lessons. Sing! returns for its second year of song, note reading and dance (ages 5-8), and Singing for the Stage is for older vocalists (grades 5-8). Piano Piano Piano is a new ensemble, theory and improv program for young pianists (ages 9-12), and Suzuki Summer String Week is for young Suzuki string student. Middle and high school string players can check out Advanced String Technique & Chamber Music Week, and adult musicians will gather for the Hanover Street Chamber Music Festival. Discounted summer lesson packages are also available for new and returning students, and financial aid is available by application. Visit, or call the office at 603-448-1642 for more information.

Host a Student from Spain this Summer

Home Stays USA seeks families to host a teenager from Spain for one month. Visit for more information.

Northeast Catholic College Summer Program

The Collegiate Summer Program at Northeast Catholic College in Warner offers a two-week experience of living on a Catholic college campus for study, prayer, and recreation. This year the program will take place from Sunday, July 26 until Saturday, August 8 and is designed for students who have completed at least one year of high school. With more than 60% of our students coming from a homeschool background, we are an ideal transition from the home to campus and our Summer Program is a wonderful introduction to our unique college experience. More information is available at!summerprogram/cg3r, or call 456-2656.

Survey About Homeschooling

The following is condensed from a letter sent to the webmaster:
I am conducting a research study called “Toward a Mixed Home-Public Education: Understanding Homeschool Curriculum and Methods” that will be used for a doctoral dissertation at Texas Tech University in the College of Education. The information that is found in this study may be of great value for homeschool students and public school students alike.

We would like to find out more about how homeschooling parents make instructional decisions. For the purposes of this study, these decisions include curriculum, methods, routines, and the motivations for these given decisions. Part of this study also includes what parents think about part-time public school programs (mixed education).

There are no personal risks to you if you should decide to participate. Your participation is voluntary. You can quit the survey whenever you desire. Your name will not be linked to any document. Any use of this material in reports will be represented by an ID code. No one other than the researchers will have access to the raw data. All related documents will be stored on a password protected computer or in a secured file cabinet.

Your input will help inform a wide audience: public educators, home school researchers, and home school families along with any person interested in home education. Your voice will help accurately describe how home schools function.

At the end of the survey you will be asked if you would like to participate in an interview with the researcher. If you participate in the interview, you will share more of your thoughts about how learning takes place in your home school.

If you have questions about this study, you can contact Dr. Shirley Matteson at (806) 834-3841 or TTU also has a Board that protects the rights of people who participate in research. They have approved this study. You can ask questions by calling 806-742-2064. You can also mail your questions to the Human Research Protection Program, Office of the Vice President for Research, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas 79409 or email them to

By beginning the survey, you acknowledge that you have read this information and agree to participate in this research, with the knowledge that you are free to withdraw your participation at any time without penalty.
This is the link parents will need to complete the survey:
Jesse Thomas

New Hampshire Lions Club Vision Testing

Over the past two years the New Hampshire Lions have acquired equipment that can test the vision of children and adults. In less than a second, the SPOT screener focuses on a person's eyes, takes a reading, and prints the vision measurements wirelessly, showing if a professional eye exam is recommended. The $7000 SPOT looks like a hefty 35mm camera.

Like the “acuity” wall chart with the big E on top, the SPOT screener checks for nearsightedness (near vision is good), farsightedness (far vision is good), and astigmatism, which is caused by irregularly shaped corneas or lenses. Surpassing the “Acuity” chart, the SPOT screener also checks for mismatched pupil sizes, misalignment of the eyes' gaze, and unequal focus. Mismatched vision is the major causes of amblyopia, sometimes misleadingly called “lazy eye,” where the eye that doesn’t match the better eye slowly loses quality vision. It is best treated as early as possible.

To take a measurement, the Lion volunteer, seated or standing, holds the SPOT one meter (about 39 inches) away from the child. Attracted by bird chirps and bright flashes of color, the children are drawn toward looking at the front screen on the SPOT. As soon as the SPOT is the correct distance away, it autofocuses and takes the measurements in a fraction of a second.

SPOT screeners can read children as young as six months. By three, damage is already occurring, and many untested children’s vision problems are not noticed until they are having difficulty reading in school. The goal of NH Lions is to provide free screenings to all children in New Hampshire as early as possible. Parents are encouraged to help plan gatherings where Lions can bring the SPOT screeners.

For help in finding a Lions Club in your area, contact Betty Gay of the Hudson Lions Club at 603-818-1614 or

Remember, check our website for more activities and announcements!

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