The New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition News November 2016 Volume XXVIII Number 3

Coordinator’s Report November 2016

Representatives and officers of the New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition presented mini-workshops on how to homeschool through high school on Saturday, October 22 in two locations. Faye Grearson, Barbara Roland, and Emilia Brown put together a panel of speakers in West Lebanon which was poorly attended. Jenny Courser and Amy Gall covered a framework of homeschooling high school topics and answered questions from a group of 20-25 parents in Hooksett.

At our next quarterly board meeting we will continue planning for the annual NHHC Spring Workshop. We look forward to seeing you there.
Amy Gall

Skiing and Snowboarding Programs All Around the State

Please get in touch with the coordinators for more info

2017 Loon Homeschool Snowsports
Pam Trefethen,, 603-717-6646

2017 Bretton Woods Homeschool Snowsports
Sara Plumley,, 603-869-5711

2017 Pat’s Peak Homeschool Snowsports
Cindy White,

Pat’s Peak Homeschool Days

2017 Sunapee Homeschool Snowsports
Faye Grearson,
Program is scheduled for first 5 Thursdays in 2017 at 11am for 1 hour lesson
Cancellations are postponed to the end of the session
Students ages 6-19
Lesson (yes, they need to do them to get the pass for the rest of the day): $70 for all 5 weeks.
Rentals (ski or board) if needed are $60 for all 5 weeks of the program.
Payment deadline (check or money order) will be December 1
Late payments are possible after that deadline.

Waterville Valley Homeschool Ski Program
Tuesdays January 3 to February 7
Sue Mack
Deadline December 29

Gunstock Homeschool Ski Program
Coordinators: Jenny Cardinal & Sheila Welch, 207-752-7183
Mondays, January 2,9, 23, 30, February 6. Find “Outreach Program” under “Groups and Weddings”

Ski Swaps = Great Deals On Gear
Time for new ski and snowboard gear? Fall is the time to get the best deals, and ski swaps are a great way to get gently used or even new gear for short money. And, if you have gear that still has life left in it, swaps are a great way to earn back some of your investment. We've listed some events you don't want to miss!

November 18-19
Plymouth, NH- Annual Ski & Skate Sale

November 19
Bedford, NH- Ski & Skate Consignment Sale
December 3
Northeast Slopes, Inc. 9 AM - 12 PM
10397 VT Route 25, East Corinth, Vermont 05040

Report from the Home Education Advisory Council

Although the Home Education Advisory Council has decided to try a new schedule of bimonthly meetings in order to improve membership and attendance, there was no quorum at the November 10 meeting. The two seats traditionally filled by Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire are currently vacant; the Council is seeking volunteers from home educator associations organized within New Hampshire who can represent and provide outreach to a large number of homeschooling families so that we can keep information flowing between education stakeholders in the state.

One of the issues the Council continues to hear about is the referral of alleged cases of homeschool educational neglect to the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF). Before the law changed in 2012 (HB1571), any suspected/alleged cases of homeschool educational neglect came before a hearing at the N.H. Department of Education (DOE). The Council was privy to the number of such cases, and our relationship with the DOE allowed us to provide information and education about home educational philosophies to people who might be involved in those hearings.

Since our DOE due process hearings have been eliminated, Council members still get phone calls from concerned family members, school district personnel, and even law enforcement agencies about suspected cases of educational neglect, but we no longer know how many cases are being reported, investigated, or substantiated. DCYF has a high turnover rate of staff members who are not experts in education in general, or home education in particular, which is a real concern since they are making decisions about homeschoolers. The Council has discussed a proposal to develop a relationship with DCYF so that we can inform them about home education methods which may, to them, look like neglect if they didn't know better. We would also like to know how many cases they are receiving, and why, so that we can try to nip any widespread problems in the bud before legislators come along and try to “fix it” by passing a law that would increase restrictions on homeschooling in New Hampshire.

The next meeting of the Home Education Advisory Council is scheduled for Thursday, January 12 from 3:30 to 5:00pm at Londergan Hall in Concord. Meetings are open to the public.
Respectfully submitted,
Amy Gall

Fencing Classes for Homeschoolers in Concord

Concord Fencing Club offers fencing for homeschoolers 7-13 on Thursdays at 2. $250 per 10 week session. No prerequisites; gear rental is included in the course fee. USFA membership ($10) is required.

Ten 1-hour sessions introduce students to the basics of Olympic-style foil fencing.
Students will receive instruction in modern fencing, safety, proper use of equipment, rules, offense, and defense. Fencing instruction is supplemented with various games and exercises. Students should bring clean sneakers, socks, loose fitting long pants, a color-fast t-shirt, and a water bottle. Young gentlemen must wear an athletic-cup and supporter.
For more information go to or email or call 224-3560.

Homeschool Discovery Programs at Amoskeag Fishways

All classes are $10 per child per class; registration is required. Call 626-3474 for more information.

River Study for grades 4 and up, second Thursday of every month, 10 – 12, will begin with the cultural history, ecology, and current status of the Merrimack River and its watershed. Students will then develop river-based projects based on their specific interests.

Merrimack River Life for grades 1 and up, third Thursday of every month, 10 – 11:30. From algae to fish to river otters, discover how plants and animals eke out a living in and around the Merrimack River. Each month's class will focus on a particular group of river organisms through hands-on exploration and outdoor discovery.

More Details on “Work Papers”

--Which may now be issued by homeschooling parents, instead of the area high school

According to an inspector at the N.H. Department of Labor, an employment certificate is required for youth under age 16, who may perform only jobs which are on the approved list. Those age 16 and 17 do not require an employment certificate, and may perform any job which is not disallowed.

Students under 18 are subject to restricted work hours, and may not work during the public school day regardless of their method of schooling unless they have graduated from high school. If you have any questions about whether or not a job is allowed or disallowed, or any other topic related to youth employment in New Hampshire, call (603) 271-0127.

Parents authorizing a N.H. Youth Employment Certificate for their own children should fill out the appropriate form and keep a copy for their records; additionally, one copy must be kept on file by the employer, and one copy should be mailed to:
N.H. Department of Labor
PO Box 2076
Concord, NH 03302-2076
An official triplicate form may be obtained from your local school district or directly from the NH Department of Labor.

Volunteers Needed for Equine Therapy Program

Back in the Saddle Equine Therapy Center in Hopkinton offers a therapeutic riding program for kids and adults with disabilities, and a successful vocational education for middle and high school students. Able-bodied volunteers 16 and up can earn community service credit towards graduation by participating in classes providing supports for the clients who are riding.
Once a month free volunteer training is offered from 2 to 4. Contact Pauline Meridien at 603-746-5681 or, or visit

World of 7 Billion Student Video Contest

Students are invited to create a short video (up to 60 seconds) about human population growth that highlights one of the following global challenges:
• Climate Change
• Ocean Health
• Rapid Urbanization
All videos must include a) how population growth impacts the issue, and b) at least one idea for a sustainable solution.

The contest is open to all high school and middle school students (grades 6 -12) worldwide and the deadline for submissions is February 23, 2017.
For more information visit or

Summer Program in Creative Arts

The Lamplighter Guild for Creative Disciplines prepares students to participate in a master and apprentice relationship reminiscent of the medieval artisan guilds. We invite enthusiastic learners ages 16 - 99 to participate in six days of intensive instruction from masters in the creative arts including photography, visual arts, filmmaking, animation, writing, voice acting, stage acting, sound design, digital composition, culinary arts, and biblical theology.

The seventh annual Lamplighter Guild will be held June 25-30, 2017 in Mount Morris, New York.
Register between November 1-30 and receive $50 off. Registration is open till December 30, 2016. Learn more at

Remember, check our website for more activities and announcements!

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