The New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition News November/December 2010 Volume XXII Number 2

Spring Workshop Set For April 9

The annual New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition Spring Workshop will be held on Saturday, April 9 at the Nackey Loeb School of Communications in Manchester. Although the final plans have not been made yet, you can expect a workshop on different methods and styles of homeschooling and a session on homeschooling through high school. Save the date!

Report from the Home Education Advisory Council

Stephen Berwick, of the Office of Legislation and Hearings at the Department of Education, attended our October meeting; there are minor changes needed to bring the due process language in our rules into agreement with DOE procedures, and his goal is to make the process as transparent as possible. At our November meeting we will discuss the wording of needed changes before appointing a subcommittee to work on them.

The Council has been without a member from the Nonpublic Schools Advisory Council for several years. On October 22 Marc Boyd, Chris Hamilton, and I attended the NPSAC meeting, in hopes of persuading its members that it would be to our mutual benefit for them to find a person who could attend our meetings. As a result, Heather Wheeler, from Hampstead Academy, plans to attend our November meeting and will consider becoming a member of the Council.

The membership of the House and Senate Education Committees will change as a result of the just-completed elections, and so Council membership will be affected, but we won't know for a couple of months what legislators will be appointed. The addition to the Council, a few years ago, of two representatives and one senator has had mixed results; only one, Paul Ingbretson, has attended with any regularity.

Representative David Bates has filed an LSR to repeal the DOE's rulemaking authority for home education. He told me that he believes the statute is sufficient by itself, and that rules are not needed.

Elizabeth Foy, Program Coordinator of the eStart program, will attend our December meeting to discuss a concern. She wrote to me:
eStart ( is a relatively new program that offers high school juniors and seniors and home schooled students of similar designation the opportunity to enroll in 100% online courses for both high school and college credit for a fraction of the cost: $100/course, plus the cost of textbooks. These courses are college courses taught by college faculty, although only NH juniors and seniors are in the eStart course sections.

Our concern is two-fold--equitability and appropriate course instruction. This program is meant for college bound juniors and seniors to provide them with a headstart on college credit and hopefully encourage them to continue on in their education. It is not open to 9th and 10th graders right now.

We are considering putting an age range on the program for the time being--NH high school juniors and seniors or students between the ages of 15-21 who are still working on their high school degree, except with special permission from the eStart professor.

If you have any thoughts on this or any other issue, please let me know.

The Council meets from 3:30 until 5, the second Tuesday of the month, September through June, at the Department of Education in Concord. Visitors are always welcome.

Abbey Lawrence

TeenPact Coming to New Hampshire in April

TeenPact offers a Christian program for both teens and children at your state capitol. Students enjoy times of praise, worship and devotions, meet important officials, interview lobbyists, view campaign disclosures, improve their public speaking skills, write their own bills, and conduct their own TeenPact legislature. To learn about the TeenPact programs available in New Hampshire in April 2011 go to

Low-Cost Dental Care at NHTI’s Dental Hygiene Clinic

Homeschooling families are welcome at the dental hygiene clinic at NHTI in Concord. The dental hygiene clinic is a classroom/learning environment where student dental hygienists provide clinical and educational services to individuals in the community. Our students offer many services to children including cleanings, x-rays, sealants, fluoride treatment and other preventative services. The services are low-cost and appointments are available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
If you have any questions, please call 603-271-7160 or go to

Letter to Homeschoolers From Stonewall Farm

My name is Sarah Antel and I am the School Program Coordinator here at Stonewall Farm. We are a working dairy and an educational farm on the edge of Keene, NH; if you have not visited us before, please visit our website: to get familiarized with our diversified operation.
In the past, we have had home schoolers come here for programming as we offer a unique educational experience from learning about the working dairy, making connections to the food on one’s plate, wetland and soils studies, tracking…the list of program ideas is endless.
I am writing to you because I would like to have home schoolers here each month for an on-going month-to-month program; I am very open to listening to your curriculum needs, and I have ideas to offer. If you and your groups are interested in this, or if you know of other home schoolers who may be interested, please, feel free to write me back or give me a call and we can discuss some ideas.
Sarah Antel, Stonewall Farm School Program Coordinator,, 603-357-7278 ext. 117

We Asked Homeschoolers

Do you use a particular system for assigning chores to your children? Do you give an allowance or other reward? What has worked for your family?

We have been homeschoolers for nine years. We offered an allowance based on age for many years--50 cents per week for each year of age, then upped it to a dollar for each year. As the kids grew older, we capped the 'free money w/o strings' at $5 a week. Then the recession hit and the whole allowance was out the window. They were understanding of the need to sacrifice. Now when I have any extra money I either share with them in the form of a small purchased item on their wish list, or a week's allowance here and there. We also pay for them to do jobs that are above and beyond the usual 'do it because we all work to contribute to the family': house painting, yard and garden work and things I think of that I want them to learn about that they would otherwise not have an interest in. Money is the great motivator!

We share chores; they care for their own pets right from the start, and they are now at the stage where they do things without needing to be asked most of the time. Rooms are clean, pets fed and cleaned, kitchen in reasonable order, etc....The early years of TRAINING and EXPLAINING really DO pay off!! Parents of toddlers take heart!!
Margo Russell

For our next issue, we want to ask homeschoolers…
What kind of math program do you use? Have you had success with hands-on materials, online drills? Do you and your children prefer a traditional textbook? Please tell us your experiences and opinions. Send your responses to Abbey Lawrence,

Forest Trail Academy

is an accredited online academy for grades K-12. Each class is taught by a certified teacher. For more information visit