The New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition News September 2015 Volume XXVII Number 1

The Annual Not-Going-Back-to-School Beach Day in York, Maine

September 9 (rain date September 10)

Originally started by Jenny Courser over 20 years ago, the Original Not Going Back to School Party is a day at the ocean. Homeschoolers from all over the state and beyond gather at Short Sands Beach for a day of chilling together, picnicking, beach combing, swimming (if it's not too cold), body surfing, checking out the shops and restaurants in the seaside village, and eating saltwater taffy freshly made. Some years, the home schoolers have taken over the entire beach, and other years there has been a smaller group, but it is always great to get together.

This year we will do it a little bit later than usual, because I've heard so many say that they wanted that first week of September to settle the kids into their new home school year.

If it looks like the weather will be FAR superior on September 10, I will make that call, and we’ll post it on the NHHC website on the night of the 8th. Arrive as early and leave as late as you would like!

I run three home school clubs and we always have our year end party at this beach. For that party I have some little contests for the kids (Sand Castle Contest, Highest Kite Contest, Most Awesome Shell Contest, and a Scavenger Hunt) with small prizes. Some of the kids really love the games, so I thought I'd do them at this event as well for any home schooled kids who are interested. Bring buckets, shovels, and kites. If anyone has any little trinkets, new and kid-safe, to donate to the prize box, that would be appreciated. I will write the times for the contests on a white board by my umbrella, so the kids that are interested can meet then.

I'll have a "watermelon umbrella" near the main ramp on to the beach, so that we can all gather together and meet other homeschoolers easily. I'll probably get there around 10:30. There are meters in the lot, so bring a roll of quarters. I look forward to seeing you all!

Project Shakespeare in Jaffrey

Students from 8 to 15 years of age will play skills-based theatre games, text analysis, staging and performance of a Shakespeare comedy: A Midsummer Night's Dream, As You Like It, Twelfth Night, or The Tempest. No previous theatre or Shakespeare experience necessary, but students must be highly motivated and engaged.

Sessions will be Fridays from 10 to 12, September 11 - November 6.
Dress Rehearsals: Tuesday, November 10, and Thursday, November 12, 10-12
Showcase: Friday November 13, 12:00 noon
United Church of Jaffrey - Parish Hall, 54 Main Street, Jaffrey.
Tuition: $300 includes script, T-shirt, and tickets to showcase
Family discounts and scholarships available upon request. Limit 15 Students.
Visit for more information.

Home Schooled Teens Together

Home Schooled Teens Together is a club that I started about 9 years ago, with about 20 teens who wanted to meet other home schooled teens, and have some fun. For the past few years we have had enrollments of over 100 teens and have had a fantastic time!

The large enrollment gives our members an incredible opportunity to meet many different home schooled teens, and parents home schooling teens, from all over the state. We have even had members who have consistently come from Massachusetts, and Vermont.

Although most of our enrollment has been by word of mouth, I am sending out the information because I felt like there might be some lonely home schooled teens out there who might not have heard about us, and I wanted to be there for them. I will have to cap the club if the enrollment gets too high, but we do have some room this year, since many of our teens graduated last year. Enrollment will be first come, first served,(after previous members, and their newly turned 13 siblings).

We are basically a social club for home schooled teens from age 13 through graduation. I help the kids get to know each other and form friendships in a non- stressful and fun atmosphere of outings and parties. We meet once a month in the Concord, New Hampshire area from around 6:00 PM to around 9:00 PM (usually on the last Friday of the month, but not always), for an activity, outing, or party. In the past we have done: indoor rock climbing, nighttime snow tubing, masquerade party, bowling, skating, nighttime capture the flag, nighttime picnic, laser tag, swimming, board game marathon, holiday/Christmas party, indoor winter picnic, mixer, talent show, mini golf, high school graduation, Nerf Club outing, Museum of Science, classic movie morning, beach party, etc., etc.!!

Our club is made up of the nicest kids on the planet, and all our activities are geared towards making friends, and having fun! We are an old fashioned club and I have strict rules about polite and kind behavior which all the kids are happy to have at the heart of the club. We have had six home school graduations on the beach in Maine as well, that would make anyone cry with joy, after watching these kids blossom from shy little 13 year olds into incredible young men and young women, surrounded by family, and all the friends they have made over the years in Home Schooled Teens Together.

If you would like more information, or would like to join, please contact me directly at

Homeschoolers’ Questions

I picked a few of the questions that were submitted at the spring workshop and asked board members to contribute answers--Editor

Can you get curriculum materials from the school district?

When I started homeschooling, I borrowed a few books under pressure from family. The next year my district made a policy that homeschoolers could not access any curriculum material unless they were in the class. Made my life easier, and we used public library resources heavily from then on. I know other districts do loan, so it's worth asking.
Faye Grearson

I never have. Some home educators have told me they did when they were planning on re-entering their child into the school system. Our school system is not very cooperative that way but some may be.
Marion Claus

Homeschool socializing groups?

There are a lot, but if you don't find one you like, start one! And if you join one, be supportive of the people running it--pick up a broom, offer a learning opportunity, jump in when you can. These groups were so important to my kids, and I worry that parents find connections online now, and there aren't as many vibrant, multi-age groups as there were when I started in 2001. They are so worth the effort, both for parent support and laughter and kid connections. And how else will you get a good game of Capture the Flag?
Faye Grearson

When I started homeschooling 10 years ago there was a Yahoo! Group and a monthly Homeschool Support Group that met in my area once a month. That is how I met veteran homeschoolers who helped me along the way and still are my support today. I don't subscribe to Facebook but prefer to call people frequently and meet for tea or a 'play date' even though my oldest child is entering high school. I initiate getting together and am not discouraged from trying when schedules are busy.
Marion Claus

Homeschooling is hard. It is always tempting to send your kids to public school. What are some tips to stay engaged as a parent?

Get together regularly with other homeschoolers. It is so good to see the variety of styles and gain from the group wisdom and experience out there.
Faye Grearson

It is hard! One year I researched private schools and was ready to send my son away but my family stepped in and helped us get through the school year. My son is now thriving in homeschooling and we are very happy we stuck through it. I stay engaged by teaching a few classes in a group, limiting the number of hours I'm available to help my kids with their "homework" so I don't get overwhelmed by interruptions and by stopping to listen to them when they want to tell me about what they're learning and show me their work.
Marion Claus

And an NHHC board member asked:
This fall, my youngest will be heading off to school. I have written to the Superintendent of our district to inform them of the termination of his home education program.
However, I noticed the RSA states:

III. Written notice of termination of a home education program shall be filed by the parent with the commissioner of education, and, in addition, the resident district superintendent or nonpublic school principal within 15 days of said termination.
Do I need to send a letter to the commissioner of education?

And the answer is: yes, it can just be cc’d.

Homeschool Resources For Tweens and Teens

I am a homeschooling mom in Brookline. I have been operating two homeschool tween and teen groups for several years (and a younger kids group before that) but I realized that so many homeschoolers just don’t know about us.

The Journey, a FREE tween and teen group for ages 11 and up, has members from southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday afternoons in Townsend, Massachusetts (15 minutes from Milford, New Hampshire and 30 minutes from Nashua). If you would like more information, please email me at

Calling all Harry Potter fans 11 and up! The Milford area Tweens and Teens group, an extension of the Journey, hosts one meeting a month for tweens and teens 11 and up. This year’s theme is Harry Potter! Join us for fun activities, games, crafts and field trips. For more info please contact me at

FIRST Robotics in Nashua Open Houses September 3 and 8

Are you a High School Student looking to have some fun, meet new people, and have awesome new experiences? Do you like to work through challenges with a team? Want to show off your art or writing skills, or have a passion for electronics? FIRST Robotics is the thing for you!

Please come to one of Team Phoenix’s open houses September 3 and September 8, from 7–9pm, located at Daniel Webster College 20 University Drive, Nashua. Check out our website designed entirely by one of our team embers!

Homeschool Gym at the Tilton Sports Center

A supervised obstacle course for the older children, fields available for our Nerf and sports fans, basketball court, and a bouncy blow up house as well. To learn about the obstacle course that will be available for anyone ages 10 and up including adults, visit

Our first gathering will be Wednesday, September 9 from 1:00 - 3:00. The price of the program is $49.00 per month for up to 4 participating family members, adults included, or $15 per week at the door. The link to register:
Email Kathy at for more information; if you have registered, let me know how many 10 and olders you have that want to use the loft. If you have a child 10 or older that would like to use the Loft obstacle course, I recommend signing up asap. I had overwhelming response to this program, they may have to limit the number of participants for the obstacle course, but there should be plenty of space for NERF and sports on the field.

Home School Nerf Club in Bow

The Home School Nerf Club is starting up its 6th year of fun and excitement! I have started taking reservations for our 2015-2016 year. We fill up quickly and always have to go to a waiting list, so if you are interested, please let me know right away at
We will meet on the second Tuesday of the month (September through June) 11:45 to 1:00 and a later session from 1:00 to 2:15, in Bow, at a fabulous gymnastics center, where we use the mats and equipment for forts and walls, while playing many organized and supervised games with Nerf Guns.

The kids bounce off of tramps and over obstacles during our games of Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Castle, and MANY others while using thousands of Nerf Darts with the kids Nerf Guns each month. We have special events like Medieval Nerf & Holiday Nerf, and a tournament with prizes and a trophy at the end of the year.

Our members are homeschoolers who range from ages 8 to home school graduation, and they have had an absolute blast! Good sportsmanship, and team work are stressed, and many new friendships are made. The gym is completely padded and our rules and organization keep it all safe and fun. It is $12 per session.

There is a discount for those who do a double session with both. For more complete information, and/or to sign up, please contact me directly at

Calling Middle School Writers!

Gautam Ramesh, a rising sophomore at Phillips Exeter
Academy who lives in Brentwood, has started an online newspaper, Seacoast Voices (, a public forum for middle school kids in the Seacoast area. We are seeking news, opinions, creative writing, and artwork. If you have any questions or need more information, contact Gautam at 609-480-0578 or

Homeschool Dance Classes in Manchester

Classes start September 8 at Miss Kelsey's Dance Studio at 2626 Brown Avenue
Tuesday 11-12: Jazz and Tap
Wednesday 9-10: Ballet and Lyrical
A new class can be created to accommodate a group of five or more. One class, $53/month, two classes, $78/month, plus registration fee: $25 for single student, $35/family. Call 606-2820 or visit for more information.

Book Sale in Plainfield

Annual book and bake sale Saturday, September 19, 9:00 to 5:00 and Sunday, September 20, 9:00 to 2:00 at the Plainfield Town Hall. Half price on Sunday! There are thousands of books of many genres, magazines, Maxfield Parrish merchandise, and much more. Sponsored by the Friends of the Philip Read Memorial Library. For info contact or call 603-675-6866.

Palace Theater Shows for Students

Coming soon to the Palace Theater in Manchester, live musical theater shows with special group rates.
October 9 at 10--Honk, Jr.
November 6 at 10--Addams Family
November 19 at 10--101 Dalmations
Shows continue through the school year. For more information and to register your group, contact Janey Goldberg at 668-5588 ext 127 or

A Listing of Massive Open Online Courses

CourseBuffet puts MOOCs in a course catalog format similar to what you will find at a university. This means grouping similar courses together and in relative order. This makes it easier and faster for users to compare courses and plan the order they might take courses. Their search results are clean, they don’t list paid courses or take affiliate fees or have advertisements. For all the areas and subjects on CourseBuffet, check out

Tomorrow’s Filmmakers

Tomorrow’s Filmmakers is an interactive, online Film Academy. Our mission is to provide a one-stop, Christ-honoring place for you to learn about film and film making and also how to immediately put into practice what you’ve learned— and to laugh and have some fun along the way. We offer classes on everything you need to know to become the filmmaker you were called to be. Topics include: cameras, music, special effects, lenses, cinematography, audio, editing and more.

Visions Homeschool Educational Tours

Offers special STEM tour opportunities to homeschool associations and families. Some samples of tours include: Tropical STEM in Florida, Kennedy Space Center and marine biology at several sites; STEM Ocean in Cozumel, Mexico; STEM Washington, Smithsonian, Spy Museum, ; Rome and Pompeii tour; Iceland tour. Learn more at
Groups must be comprised of a minimum of 20 passengers plus the host, or administrator. For every 20 passengers signed up, two fully complimentary places are offered to the administrator and guest, based on sharing a single room.

Remember, check our website for more activities and announcements!

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