Online Resources

General Studies

A variety of online resources gathered in one place

A Listing of Massive Open Online Courses–
CourseBuffet puts MOOCs in a course catalog format similar to what you will find at a university. This means grouping similar courses together and in relative order. This makes it easier and faster for users to compare courses and plan the order they might take courses. Their search results are clean, they don’t list paid courses or take affiliate fees or have advertisements. For all the areas and subjects on CourseBuffet, check out

Videos in science subjects, economics, religion and more. Many coordinated to major textbooks and AP courses.

New Hampshire Public Television Homeschool Collection
Videos, interactive games, and lesson plans designed to support one-on-one learning and self-paced, student-driven inquiry.

SAS Curriculum Pathways provides content in the core disciplines of English, mathematics, social studies, science and Spanish.

Art and Music

Conduct Yourself offers master classes, individual instrument lessons, group study, networking and chatting. Subscriptions include lessons and may include a free instrument.

Nova Classical Academy of Music is a new online music school designed to reclaim music as a liberal art. We offer online music instruction through two venues: our comprehensive, academic Music Colloquium for homeschooled high school students, as well as private piano and brass instruction for students at all levels. If you’re interested in more information, you are invited to look at the website

Computer Science

AP Computer Science Online
A College Board-approved online program is available. Enrollment is rolling and we’re still on-boarding students now. The cost is $150 per student for the entire school year, and includes all course content (video lessons, interactive coding activities, automatically graded assessments), a very active student forum for support, and resources for your families, including data and analytics on student progress and performance. A semester-long course in an intro-level programming is being developed to launch in January. Go to to learn more. Phil Balsamo, (212) 796-2386,

MATLAB Computer Programming
Vanderbilt University has created a free online introductory computer programming course that is a good fit for high-school aged children. The course uses the programming language called MATLAB that is widely used in many science, engineering, and other professional fields. It is also a recommended or required skill in colleges around the world in many majors. The course will be available April 14, 2015 (and will probably be available on other starting dates after that) on the Coursera platform.

The Webucator company makes all of their self-paced courses available for free to homeschoolers. This includes courses on web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc), Photoshop, Dreamweaver and many others. From the website, Go to the Self-paced Courses page, Browse through the courses, Click the Order Now button next to the course, Enter HOMESCHOOL for the Coupon Code and click Validate Coupon, Complete the registration. For any registration questions, simply email:

Learn American Sign Language from the comfort of your own home via webcam. We can customize lessons to meet your specific needs or use an ASL textbook series that meets national standards for foreign language learning. Perfect for high school homeschoolers! Information about Deaf culture and other resources to enhance your learning will also be presented.

Classical Learning Resource Center offers classes in Latin, Greek, mathematics, mythology, literature and more.   CLRC offers LIVE, interactive, weekly online Latin classes for children as young as 6 years old. Classes are offered  at the elementary, middle school, and high  school  level. The program begins with introductory classes that build a solid foundation in grammar and vocabulary and culminates in college level classes reading authors like Caesar, Cicero, Virgil, Catullus and more. CLRC Latin includes three distinct entry points to accommodate students of different ages, abilities, and motivations. We emphasize vocabulary acquisition through handwritten and online flashcards, depth of grammatical understanding, and extensive reading to introduce students to the beautiful patterns and cadence of the Latin language. Middle school and high school students are encouraged to take the National Latin Exam.

This video provides an overview of Latin 1 and also gives a good indication of what all of CLRC online Latin classes are like:

Early registration discounts are available through the end of May.

Christopher Matrumalo, M.Ed. in Secondary Mathematics Education from the University of New Hampshire, Summa Cum Laude. I am an experienced math tutor, who has worked successfully with nearly 200 students over the past several years, covering virtually every math topic from pre-algebra, to AP calculus, through college-level courses, as well as standardized test preparation. Not just a “math geek,” my strength is my ability to explain, show, and apply mathematical concepts in a wide variety of ways in order to reach every one of my students, accounting specifically for his or her unique learning style and prior knowledge. I am a patient, yet energetic teacher, and I conduct all of my lessons online through the implementation of the latest in long-distance collaboration software (includes high-definition video conferencing, interactive virtual whiteboard, and dynamic file-sharing). Typically, individual lessons are $45/session, with discounts available for group lessons, expanded-length lessons, or multiple lessons per week. For more information, please visit my website at If you have any questions, or want to discuss your specific goals, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Math, Physics, Programming, and SAT prep
Dr. Christian Seberino teaches math, physics, programming, and prepares students for the SAT live online from the convenience of your home. See for summer and fall schedules regarding all live
online classes for homeschoolers.

ALEKS 15641 Red Hill Avenue, Suite 150
Tustin, CA 92780, (714) 245-7191. Web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn’t know in a course. One-on-one instruction, 24/7, from virtually any Web-based computer for a fraction of the cost of a human tutor.

LIVE Online Math offers classes for students in the upper-elementary grades through high school. Students meet face to face with a LIVE instructor in real-time and participate in a “web meeting”. A certified, experienced teacher presents material and guides students through a traditional math curriculum using video, audio, and an interactive whiteboard. This virtual classroom functions similarly to a normal classroom. Please visit for details and demo videos that show how the online classroom functions.

Online Practice Problems A webpage with math problems for high school students created by a math professor at SUNY Albany Problems of different levels, which after 18 years of teaching at different universities in the United States and Canada, she believes will help students prepare better for their college level courses. She is also glad to hear any feedback you may have on the website. Games to help your students learn math. They can login and compete in simple games against students from all over the world.

Reading, Writing and Literature

KISS grammar begins by teaching students to identify subjects, verb, adjectives, adverbs and prepositional phrases in sentences that they actually read and write. It then adds grammatical constructions until students can intelligently discuss the function, punctuation, style, and logic of almost any word in any sentence. The KISS homepage is at Printable Workbooks page at

Literacy games a free interactive website where you can have your child work on pre-loaded lists, or enter your own. It’ll teach the words, let them earn game time by studying, and run tests. You can print the test results.Online programming course programming science games and activities, other topics too. Wonderful printable materials for teaching science and some other subjects too. Many games to print out and use with kids all the way through high school. Highly recommended!

LitPick receives the latest young adult titles from publishers and authors and makes them available to your students for review. After a student reads a book, they post their review online, adding their voice to our lively community.

Science and Engineering
For more than 20 years, Project FeederWatch has been an easy, fun way for children to learn about birds and strengthen their skills in observation, identification, research, computation, writing, creativity, and more. FeederWatchers keep track of the numbers and kinds of birds at their feeders through the winter and report what they see to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
The Homeschooler’s Guide to Project FeederWatch will guide you through bird-related activities that promote learning across many disciplines, including science, math, history, and the arts. Examples of these activities include:
* Natural history: Observe and research a bird’s behavior and life cycle
* Math: Calculate average seed consumption rate and graph data
* Writing: Keep a nature journal to write stories and poetry
* Geography: Research the geographic ranges of birds
* Art: Keep a feeder-bird sketch book or create a papier mache mask
To download the Homeschooler’s Guide to Project FeederWatch, visit and click on the “Education/Home School” button.

To learn about the planet Earth and its rocks and mineral treasures, students can participate in interactive online classes. These Online Rockhounding Adventures include multiple segments and corresponding Play Time Quizzes. The first adventure describes what matter is and covers the formation of the universe, solar system, and earth. All other adventures feature a rock or mineral and describes the geology of the area in which the specimen is found. When possible information is relayed using movies, animations, photos, diagrams, and interactive slides. The content complies with earth science curriculum requirements. The e-learning adventures are designed to be self-paced and can be enjoyed by students, rockhounds, and science lovers aged 8 and up. For more information please go to the Gitche Gumee Museum’s webpage at and click on the agate in the banner at the top of the home page.

Social Studies
Learn about the great State of New Hampshire. You can find information on state symbols and historical information, as well as interesting facts, photographs, activities and games.

The Wessels Living History Farm Web Site — at — has been produced through a generous bequest of David Wessels, a bachelor farmer from York Nebraska. The site has over 400 stories about the history of agricultural innovation and the history of the 20th century. One of the site’s strengths is that it relies on a series of oral history interviews. These streaming media segments can bring an historic period or event alive for students today. Two years ago, the site was recognized by the National Endowment for the Humanities as “one of the best online resources for education in the humanities.” And again, this is totally free and non-profit. Our only mission is to advance education and the understanding of students about the incredible history of agricultural innovation in the 20th century. The story of the production of food and fiber is one that affects all of our lives.

geography quizzes great for learning the countries and states,

Bill of Rights Institute Free lesson plans for educators on our website, as well as an array of free educational resources on the Constitution for students or anyone interested in learning about how our Founding principles affect and shape a free society.

Personal Finance Course
Jane Slotnick, who teaches personal finance at Oklahoma Christian School in Edmond, has developed a curriculum for students, along with her husband, who created an interactive web-based program that would allow students to learn about many aspects of financial literacy in a real-life simulation. Everything from banking to taxes is included. The name of the course is Personal Finance for Teens. Go to When you select the Demo Site tab, you’ll be able to see both a teacher and student account. As a homeschool parent, you would be the teacher with as many students as necessary connected to your account.