Order of Business

New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition
Quarterly Board Meeting

Minutes of April 25, 2015 meeting
Officer Reports
• Coordinator
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Webmaster
• Newsletter Editor
HEAC Report
Representative Reports
Dist. 1—vacant Dist. 5—Faye Grearson Dist. 9—
Dist. 2—Barbara Roland Dist. 6—Jessicah Seaman Dist. 10—Aimee Seiler
Dist. 3—Alli Gaulin Dist. 7—Kelly Bellemare Dist. 11—vacant
Dist. 4—Marion Claus Dist. 8—Karen Deighan Dist. 12—vacant
Next Meeting Date
Old Business
• Guidebook Donation Project
• Treasurer Position
• By-laws Changes
• Liability Insurance Discussion
• 2015 Spring Workshop
• Nonprofit Reporting

New Business
• Donation
• Guidebook Order
• 2016 Spring Workshop
• Other