Order of Business

New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition
Quarterly Board Meeting

Location: Elkins Library
Date: July 29, 2013
Canterbury, New Hampshire

Time: 6 pm

Call to order

District Representative Elections Results
District 1: Beth Paiva
District 2: none
District 3: Amy Gall
District 4: Claudine Burnham
District 5: Faye Grearson
District 6: Erin Groudas
District 7: Wendy Bisbee
District 8: Karen Deighan
District 9: Jennie Steinhauser
District 10: Jessicah Seaman
District 11: Julie Ridings
District 12: Kathy Connors

Coordinator Duties:

Vote on Officers: Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, Web Master, Newsletter Editor

Read and accept minutes:

Officers’ Reports:





·Newsletter Editor

HEAC Report:

Next Meeting Date:

District Representative Reports:

Dist. 1—Beth Paiva

Dist. 5—Jenny Courser

Dist. 9— Jennie Steinhauser

Dist. 2__

Dist. 6—Erin Groudas

Dist. 10—Jessicah Seaman

Dist. 3—Amy Gall

Dist. 7—Wendy Bisbee

Dist. 11— Julie Ridings

Dist. 4—Claudine Burnham

Dist. 8—Karen Deighan

Dist. 12— Kathy Connors

Old Business:

Updating the NHHC Guidebook

New Business:

Fall Workshop:

District 2 possible Representative

Jessicah’s move – District 10

Adjourn Meeting: