Singers Invited to Join Children's Choral Program at St.Joseph’s Cathedral in Manchester

Children CAN and DO sing the music of Bach, Palestrina, Tallis, Mendelssohn and other classical composers. It is the mission of the Saint Nicholas Schola Cantorum (Diocesan Children's Choral Program), based at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph in Manchester, to teach, inspire and motivate children to sing. The schola cantorum's (Latin for "school of singers") aim is to teach, prepare and form children and young adults in grades 3 - 12 to participate in music ministry and life long praise of God through scared song. By focusing on singing traditional hymns, part-singing, Gregorian chant, polyphonic and choral works, the goal of this choir is the cultivation and further development of: musicianship, sight-singing, music history, religious education, liturgical formation and the spirituality of sacred music. Although based at the Roman Catholic Cathedral, the Saint Nicholas Schola Cantorum is open to any child who is interested in singing regardless of religious affiliation. Potential choristers must complete an audition, commit to weekly Thursday rehearsals from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. and participate in choir twice a month at selected 8:30 a.m. liturgies. For additional information, please contact the Diocesan and Cathedral Director of Music, Mr. Eric Bermani at