Student from Tajikistan Giving Presentations to Groups

I have the pleasure of hosting a foreign exchange student from Tajikistan who wants to share her culture. Safarmo is an 18 year old FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange program…/progr…/future-leaders-exchange) student here on US government scholarship and one of the requirements of her scholarship, actually the biggest purpose for her year here, is to share her culture.

She and I have presented to most of the 4th grade classes in the elementary schools in the Newfound School District, we have 2 more planned, then will present to the middle school. Sophie (her American name of choice) has a power point presentation covering location, history, food, her family, etc. She wears her traditional attire and even performs her national dance. The whole presentation and allowing time for questions goes about an hour.

We would love to share with a group in a central location. Would anyone like to see her presentation? I'm a Local Coordinator for Greenheart and live in Bristol, NH. Sophie gets volunteer hours credit for her presentations and wants to complete at least 100 hours before she returns in June (she has over 50 hours so far!). You would be helping her towards this goal by allowing her to present and I think you would really enjoy it too. Barbara Rosendahl Local Coordinator CCI Greenheart a division of Greenheart International Phone: 603-455-1368 Fax: 603-947-1455