The New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition News August 2017 Volume XXVIII Number 12

More Ways to Talk with Other New Hampshire Homeschoolers

We’ve just started a New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition Facebook group. Although we’ve had a Facebook page for several years, changing to a group will let our page followers chat with each other more easily and quickly.  We’ll still be posting all our news about events, classes, and other activities.  So if you have been following our page—please go to the new group and join it ! We anticipate taking down the page in a few months and just working through the Facebook group, and you don’t want to miss any of the announcements or conversations.

Remember, the NHHC supports all methods and reasons for homeschooling. Since our members have a wide range of outlooks, political viewpoints, and religions we ask that posts be directly related to educating your children at home. We also do not take a position on legislation (except to support homeschooling in general). We’ll inform you about legislation being discussed at the State House, but ask that you do not debate law changes on this group page.

Used Curriculum Event

Saturday, August 26, at 11:30 a.m. in Derry. All are welcome and admission to the entire event is free.
If interested in selling your curriculum, just bring all materials with you and, if you’d like, a small folding table, etc. to display them.

Our table this year will include school supplies for other homeschoolers to purchase that range between $1-$3.
Interested in selling or attending? Email Lori at

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone class in Derry

The Harry Potter class runs every Thursday from September 7 until October 26 at 1:30 in Derry, for ages 8 and up. The cost is  $45, $10 sibling discount. Students must be Harry Potter fans and must have either seen the movie or read or listened to the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Adventures begin in Diagon Alley where students will get their wizard money and make some of their necessary school supplies. The first several classes will include wand making, feather pen construction, and a visit to Eelops Owl Emporium.

Once we arrive at Hogwarts, students will be sorted into houses and will take various subjects such as Charms, Potions, History of Magic, Herbology, and Transfiguration. We will make house shirts, plant Devil’s Snare, learn to levitate objects using the Wingardium Leviosa spell, make a forgetfulness potion, and more.

Our year wouldn’t be complete without a game of Quidditch, a Halloween Feast, and a relay race to find the Sorcerer’s Stone. Items made in class will be taken home by students to their muggle world.
Parents may choose to help prepare materials for one class for a $15 fee reduction. To register your child, email Lori at

Art classes for all ages in Bedford

SKETCH is a service oriented art program open to children (and adults) of any age.   In our relaxed environment, students learn about the lives of master artists, experiment with many different art mediums, and become aware of basic formal art techniques. Our highest goal, however, is not simply to teach art principles, but to show children that one of the greatest joys in creating art is sharing it with others.

SKETCH meets September through May on the third Friday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at New Hope Christian Fellowship, 292 Route 101 in Bedford. The cost is $35 for the year per family (not per child). For more information, visit

Book Discussion Group in Wolfeboro

We’re ready to start the sixteenth year of our homeschooled high schoolers book discussion group.  We meet once a month, starting in October, and discuss a classic book, play, or short stories.  This isn’t a class and we try to stay away from general comprehension questions, but dig into the work’s significance.  Students are encouraged to state their opinions and back up their viewpoints.  We love to read quotes from the books and delve into the lives of the authors.  We discuss our reading for about an hour and then socialize for another hour.

Books and plays we are considering for this year include: Gulliver’s Travels, To Kill a Mockingbird, Cry the Beloved Country, The Lord of the Flies, You Can’t Take it with You, and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.

We will most likely meet on Monday or Tuesday evenings at 7:00, at our house in Wolfeboro. If you’re interested in joining this year or would like some more information, please get in touch with Stef Marsh at or 569-6382.

Granite State Chorale Society

Granite State Choral Society, a non-profit non-auditioned chorus, has established youth scholarships to attract more young people, and their families who sing as well, to experience choral singing at the community level. GSCS has 43 years of experience in building community and many of the membership have been with the group for over 15 years. It is a diverse group of people of all skill levels who simply enjoy singing and performing.

Singers, age 12-22, may submit applications for scholarships for the upcoming season. For more  information visit, or contact Elizabeth Tonkins-Agea at 603-952-5641(w) or 603-332-3898(h).

New England Christian Youth Chorus

New England Christian Youth Chorus is now accepting new choral students for the 2017 – 2018 school year. Rehearsals are on Wednesday afternoons, traditionally held in Methuen but with the possibility of a new location this year (maybe Hudson, New Hampshire, or Dracut, Massachusetts). Director John Skinner has been instructing middle and high school students in vocal and choral technique for thirty years, and brings both experience and maturity to the balance of musical technique and the joy of singing.

Earn a fine arts credit while making strong social connections and learning challenging music. NECYC is open to both traditionally schooled students and home schooled students.

Contact John or Paula Skinner at 603-475-9559 or by August 12 for more information or to register for this school year.

Newspapers in Education

The New Hampshire Union Leader’s Newspapers in Education (NIE) program offers newspapers and educational materials to participating schools at no charge. Each year, the Union Leader provides more than 200,000 newspapers to students across the state. The newspaper is an excellent tool to enhance critical thinking, increase vocabulary, and improve skills in English, social studies, math, geography, science, and more. Learning with the newspaper also builds awareness of local, regional, national, and world events. For more information on the NIE program, contact Shannon Sullivan at 603.206.7833 or

College Credit Classes 50% Off at River Valley Community College

Bridge2College is a dual enrollment program that enables home school age juniors and seniors to take college classes at $100 per credit at one of River Valley Community College’s three locations in Keene, Claremont, and Lebanon. This is a savings of 50% off the regular tuition price. Online classes are also available.

Unlike most early college programs Bridge2College allows home school students to take courses the summer after they graduate at the same reduced rate.

Students who wish to register for Fall 17 courses can do so, space permitting, right up until the first day of classes on August 28.  For more information contact Jerry Appell, Early College Coordinator, River Valley Community College, One College Place / Claremont, NH  03743, 603-542-7744 Ext. 5349   (C) 802-258-1760,

Automotive Course at Manchester Community College

This fall Manchester Community College will offer a special Early College section of its first Automotive course, AUTO1011 Maintenance and Light Repair. Instead of one full day of classes, courses will be scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 12:45 until  5 p.m. This is a one semester course that will run from the week of August 28 until the beginning of December.

The Early College cost to students for this course is $420. Typically a student interested in an automotive course would spend up to $2,500 on tools; for this specific section, however, the college hopes to provide the necessary tools. A student who has completed the course can take the State Inspection exam and could be employed as an express lane technician.

Early College students must be at least 16 years old, and for this course they need to hold a valid driver’s license. For more information contact Megan Conn at or 603-206-8012, or visit

Looking for a Mother’s Helper

A mom in Candia is looking for a mother’s helper, someone from age 12 up to an older teenager, to come one (or possibly more) days a week, either morning or afternoon, to be determined based on each other’s schedules, to help watch/play with her young children while she gets some things done around the house.  Mother’s helper would need to have her own transportation to her house. This is a paid position. Please contact the NHHC, at, if you’re interested.

Programs for Homeschoolers at New Hampshire Audubon

New Hampshire Audubon is available to help meet your child’s homeschooling needs and can develop nature-based classes and topics for hands-on exploration and discovery. Please contact Kelly Dwyer at 224-9909 x 400 for more information or to customize a program.

Join us at our Massabesic Center in Auburn for a Junior Explorers Homeschooling series this fall.
Junior Explorers
Wednesdays, 10-11:30 am (see dates below)
Cost:  $12 M / $15 NM (per child/parent pair)
Leaders: Kelly Dwyer, NHA’s Director of Education and Paula Chouinard, Massabesic Audubon Center’s Naturalist. Classes are for ages 7-12.  Parents are encouraged to stay and participate. Please dress to be outside! Pre-registration required for all classes.  Call us at 668-2045 or visit to register online.

“It’s All in the Planning! Strategies to Survive NH’s Winter”
Traditionally, fall is a time for apple picking, pumpkin carving, raking leaves and bundling up in warm sweaters. For NH’s animals, fall is a critical period of frenzied preparation for the coming winter months.  Join us at NH Audubon’s Massabesic Center as we delve into the 3 strategies animals use in fall to survive the harsh and challenging winter months: Migration, Hibernation and Adaptation.

Sep. 20: Migration: It’s Not Just for the Birds
Explore the world of other animal migrators such as monarch butterflies and green darner dragonflies as we look at their natural history and then head outside to put our new-found skills to the test.
Oct. 4: The Magic of Avian Migration
Learn the biology behind avian migration: who embarks on these epic journeys and where they go. We will also examine the latest scientific theories and data analysis before we head outside with our binoculars.
Oct. 11: The Big Chill
Many of NH’s insects, reptiles and some mammals are preparing the coming metabolic changes to cope with the pending winter. Today we will explore the biology behind these processes and conduct experiments to replicate this amazing survival strategy.
Oct. 25: Life Under the Ice
Soon NH’s amphibians will retreat from current habitats to prepare for months under the ice and forest leaf litter. Join us as we explore the strategies unique to this group of amazing animals.
Nov. 8: Ready, Set, Adapt
Surprisingly, many of NH’s animals remain active throughout our notorious winters. Learn about the unique and incredible adaptations these animals utilize to survive.
Nov. 29: Who’s Still Here?
For the naturally curious, signs of animal life abound. Today we search for evidence of birds, mammals, and even insects that are prepared to stay active in the coming months!  Learn about tracks, scat, and other visible signs of a variety of animals.
Dec. 6: H. A. M. Extravaganza!
Join us as we celebrate the marvels of Hibernation, Adaptation and Migration through culminating games, activities and special presentations.

Many Teaching Resources Available for Free in the Blumenfeld Archives—Check Out the Phonics!

The late Samuel Blumenfeld was a pioneer in the modern homeschool movement and a fixture at homechool conventions around the U.S. He left his library to Camp Constitution, which has created the Blumenfeld Archives, containing PDF versions of many of Sam’s books, audio and video versions of his numerous presentations and radio and TV interviews.  We have a PDF version of his “Alpha-Phonics” with all 128 lessons available in audio and video, lessons on how to write cursive, and basic arithmetic.  Use of the archives is free; visit

 And Reminding You About These Great Programs…

Sign Up for the Weare Home Educators’ Co-op

Weare Home Educators is currently accepting registrations for the 2017-2018 Co-op.
Classes include Apologia Human Anatomy, Apologia General Science, Apologia Biology, IEW Speech Boot Camp, Art, CSI and P.E.

The WHE Co-op runs fourteen times per year.  We come together for labs and classes that enhance your homeschool experience.  Our schedule means less time commitment, yet it still allows for structured classes with a group of peers as well as plenty of social time for parents and children.  Classes are run by homeschool parents, which keeps costs down.  We require parents to volunteer in some capacity so everyone feels connected as part of the team.

Visit for all of the details.

Foreign Language Classes in Durham

One World Language School is a 501(c) nonprofit organization based out of Durham, New Hampshire. Our mission is to make foreign language learning accessible at a young age, starting as early as five years old. The primary languages that we teach include French, Chinese, German, and Spanish. We have been teaching foreign languages for over a decade by using our one of a kind teaching curriculum and game materials.  We are currently accepting students to join our language program that begins in October 2017. Space is limited to eight students per class.

Visit, or contact Pranav Dadarwala at 207-370-8398 or

Fall eStart Courses—College Credit for High Schoolers

Registration for the Fall 2017 eStart semester is now open; courses begin on August 28.

eStart is an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their educational experience, and get an early and affordable start on their college careers. Financial assistance is available for eligible students.

New courses that can be utilized towards a programming certificate:
–        Object Oriented Programming, Intro – CIS112G
–        Python, Introduction to – CIS177G
–        Web Development I – CIS124G

For more information visit,, or contact at Ed Symes at 603-717-5965 or

Learning History with Fine Arts in Manchester

F.A.I.T.H. (Fine Arts Integrated Through History) is a parent run co-op that meets in the Manchester area on Tuesday afternoons from September to April. F.A.I.T.H. is a Christ-centered, fine arts exposure program where history is taught as an individual subject as well as being integrated into music, art, and drama by paid instructors.  Students are fully immersed in the time period as they do art projects, stage plays, and study music of the age. Classes for ages PK through high school are available.

Our blog,, provides a more complete picture. For more information about FAITH contact Kristina Mitchell at, or phone/text  603-344-6827.

Homeschool Soccer League

Homeschool soccer will begin in Derry on September 12 and run every Tuesday at 1 p.m. for eight weeks.

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. It requires very little equipment, provides great exercise, and has fairly simple and easy-to-understand rules. This homeschool soccer league encourages kids to learn and play the game in a fun, no-pressure environment.

Kids ages 7-12 will be split into different age groups. The goal is to give every player maximum playing time throughout the game while teaching basic elements of strategy and fair play through scrimmages and drills. Even children with no experience are welcome. We are also looking for parents interested in coaching.

A pizza party and trophy presentation will be held at the end of the eight weeks. To register, send your child’s name and age to Lori at

Homeschool Bowling

Homeschool bowling league begins in September at Lakeside Lanes on Candia Road in Manchester for any interested homeschooler ages 7 to 18; students will be divided into teams.  $3.00 per game includes rentals. The league begins Friday, September 8 at 11 a.m. and goes for ten weeks with a pizza party and trophy presentation to homeschoolers who participate.
Send your child’s name and age to Lori at

Remember, check our website for more activities and announcements!

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