About Us

The NHHC welcomes all those interested in homeschooling. We support all reasons for homeschooling and are not tied to any particular method, religion or philosophy. With over 5000 homeschooled students in New Hampshire, the statewide New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition functions as an important source of information.

The Coalition also publishes the New Hampshire Home Education Guidebook, a valuable reference guide which includes information about the New Hampshire home education law and rules, comprehensive resource lists, and encouraging essays and articles written by homeschooling parents, and provides a monthly newsletter. We also offer support through our annual workshop and other events.

The NHHC is organized and run by volunteers. The Board of Representatives is member-selected and meets quarterly to discuss Coalition business. Please come to a meeting of the Board of Representatives, see how our group works, and how you can help. You can view the upcoming order-business order of business, minutes of the most recent Board Meeting as well as our constitution and annual reports. Please contact Amy Gall, 603-838-5081, amyginnh@yahoo.com or Stef Marsh at webmaster@nhhomeschooling.org for information about meeting times and locations and details about volunteer opportunities.

We are a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization, and as such may not attempt to influence legislation or participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates. We have two members on the Home Education Advisory Council (HEAC), which works to “encourage an understanding of home education.” (Ed. 315.10(a)) at the Department of Education. Read a history of homeschooling in New Hampshire.

Membership in the NHHC is free! Please become a member and let us know what other things we can be doing to help New Hampshire homeschoolers. The NHHC is open to anyone interested in homeschooling. Please join us today!

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