New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition Quarterly Board Meeting

September 24, 2015 Elkins Library Canterbury NH 6:14pm
Aimee Seiler, Jessicah Seaman, Faye Grearson, Karen Deighan, Marion Claus, Barbara Roland, Amy Gall
Minutes: were reviewed from April 25, 2015. They were accepted by general consent.
Treasurer’s report was reviewed. Karen made a motion to accept the report, Barbara accepted. Motion was accepted.
Coordinator’s Report by Amy Gall: NH Parenting magazine wrote an article which will appear in three parts. Several NHHC members were interviewed. Amy was asked a few questions and sent a letter sharing homeschooling information. It was well received. She had an interview with Morning Edition on NHPR. The 40 minute interview was edited to 4 minutes. Mike Brimley did the interview. Amy also had an interview with a Radio Program The Exchange, a one hour call in radio show which aired in September. She is receiving many phone calls about homeschooling from NHHC districts without Representatives.
Officer’s Reports:
Webmaster: Stef asked Board Members to write in to the Newsletter encouraging people to get together face to face. “I’m worried about the general apathy and assumption that “homeschooling will always be there” by NH homeschoolers in general. I know they value the info from the NHHC, but they don’t understand that their involvement makes things happen. I’m hoping that if we have Board members write some stuff for the newsletter, as they did long ago, (reviews of materials and online stuff, great field trips, tips and thoughts) homeschoolers reading the newsletter will feel more connected with “real people” homeschooling in New Hampshire. I’m thinking we may be finally getting near a turning point where homeschoolers realize that getting all their info online isn’t as good as actually meeting face to face with others. If they start gathering, we’ll once again have “leaders” and people who are interested in being representatives. Discussion took place about how to encourage people to participate in organizing and running homeschool group activities.
HEAC Report: Roberta Tenney retired suddenly in April. It only took a month to get a replacement Heather Gage has been with the Doe for three years. She is friendly and pro homeschooling. They had been working on a graduation statement which has now been submitted. Heather looked over the statement and posted it. HEAC has two positions on the Department . A new person came to the meeting this month Ellie Reel who may take the seat. They are still struggling to get a seat for the Superintendents of Schools. A 12 E is a form which has to be filled out by Superintendents indicating the number of homeschool students per grade in their district each June. They just have to guess the grade and can’t really tell how many students they have. A change has been made so that the form is not required.

Four main themes in HEAC notes:
Graduation statement – change in Federal Financial Aid Handbook
Confusion over reading compulsory attendance law
Lack of documentation of homeschool programs. There is a problem of students needing their record of education and they have been destroyed, schools have closed etc.
Background screening

Representative Reports:
Jessicah Seaman District 6: has to step down from her position as Rep. after the next meeting. District has been running smooth. They had a great get together with a family that brought their pets for kids to see. She is part of the Greater Derry Homeschoolers Facebook group. Jessicah was aware of discussion on Facebook about the NHHC being politically active. She copied the NHHC statement from the website to clarify.
Marion Claus District 4: is moving out of her district and can no longer Represent District 4 Rochester. She is willing to be Secretary and Contact person for District 4. Two people per month contact her with homeschool questions. She had many face to face contacts and answers questions weekly.
Faye Grearson District 5: has had several calls/e-mails, many are looking for resources from the public school. 25-30 teens per month meet at her teen group.
Barbara Rolland District 2: had 6 calls since the last meeting. She answered them all. Many questions are about support groups for people moving to the area, high schoolers and those starting home schooling. Discussion took place about how students using VLACS can connect with other students. She gets comments that the Website is very helpful. Discussion took place on how well-designed and easy to use the website is.
Karen Deighan District 8: gets all the weird phone calls but reminds us that there are always two sides to every story.
Aimee Seiler District 10: said she has many face to face contacts and only two e-mails so far. She is willing to be a contact for another district. She will contact someone in the Portsmouth District.

Officer Elections: Jessicah made a motion to accept Marion Claus as Secretary, Amy Gall as Coordinator, Abbey Lawrence as Newsletter Editor, Stef Marsh as Webmaster , Christopher Seiler as Treasurer. It was voted on and accepted unanimously.
Representative Elections: Jacquie Alman has won the election as Concord Area Representative District 9
We do not have Representatives for Rochester, Derry, Laconia, Portsmouth, Berlin
Old Business:
Discussion took place about getting Group Insurance for events $180.
Spring Workshop: Next time we will sepparate Guidebook Sales from Registration and put the registration on one page. Meeting after event was a good idea. We had the notes to review right away. The Round Table Discussion Groups were successful. We need a separate Unschooling table. Miscellaneous table was helpful. Some would like to have High Schoolers on the morning Panel. High School can be separated into two groups = How-To for beginners and High School Support for those currently homeschooling High School.
New Business:
Ordering Guidebooks – A motion was made to permit any officer to order up to 100 new guidebooks when the supply runs below 20. Marion made the motion, Faye seconded. Passed unanimously.
Donors Trust Grant: The Banister Family donated to the trust and wishes to grant $2,500 to NHHC.
Karen made a motion:Based on our research about the organization we do not accept the grant and we return the check with a thank you note. Jessicah seconds. Vote passed unanimously.
A dentist in concord wishes to support homeschoolers in some way. Amy will call and find out more specific information.
Spring Workshop 2016: Authorize up to $500 for a venue for the Spring Workshop. Faye made the motion and Karen seconded it. The motion passed unanimously. 2017 bring in Catholic group, Unschoolers and CHEN to a larger convention with vender’s hall and used curriculum.

Next meeting will be determined by Doodle Poll

Karen made motion we adjourn, Jessicah seconded adjourned at 8:59pm

Notes taken by Marion Claus