New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition Quarterly Board Meeting

Location: Elkins Library Date: 03/08/16 Canterbury, New Hampshire Time: 06:00:00 PM
The regular meeting of the NH Homeschooling Coalition was called to order at 6:15pm at the Elkins Public Library in Canterbury, NH.

Attendance: Marion Claus, Chris Seiler, Aimee Seiler, Karen Deighan, Jacquie Allman, Amy Gall

Officer Reports
• Coordinator – The Coordinator’s Report is attached.
• Secretary – Minutes of the December 2015 meeting were reviewed. As there was no quorum, the minutes were not
approved. Marion is stepping down as Secretary, but is happy to stay on as a helper, particularly at the workshop. She has completed conflict of interest policies for all current representatives and officers. A new secretary can contact her for advice. She will write up notes from tonight and post them on the yahoo group. She has files to hand over tonight, and will give them to Amy after the meeting. She has fielded a few questions left over from when she was a representative.
• Treasurer – Chris handed out a report and will file the IRS 990 soon.
• Webmaster – No report.
• Newsletter Editor – No report.
HEAC Report
• Ellie reported that she heard from a couple parents with students getting 100% of their education from VLACS who were surprised to find out they weren’t homeschooling.
• A NHHC representative had wanted to know what happens to the termination letters sent to the Commissioner under the law: Ellie reported that she sends out a letter of acknowledgement from the Commissioner, and they are kept in a confidential file.
• George D’Orazio suggested Relaxed Homeschoolers should nominate for a seat on the council because they appear to have more member families than CUHE.
• The Council is trying to find out from DCYF how many cases they have against homeschoolers for educational neglect & how many were successfully prosecuted
• There was discussion about taking part time classes: what this looks like, immunizations, registration/pupil identifier, & transportation.
Representative Reports
Aimee reported that, between the two districts she is listed for, she has had 30 phone calls in the past two months. It seems many people are pulling their kids out of school right now and are interested in the law, curriculum, etc.
One notable contact reported a16 year old daughter who had been in school, didn’t like it, tried VLACS, didn’t like it, and has filed a NOI but the parent isn’t teaching, is not interested in homeschooling, and wants other free education options. Aimee told her that perhaps it would be best to reenroll in VLACS.
Another contact was upset there were no tax breaks for homeschooling in NH, because as a working parent they can’t afford to homeschool. Aimee went through the NEO scholarship form with the parent, but they didn’t qualify. Aimee suggested homeschooling on nights and weekends and using childcare during working hours. The parent wanted a referral for childcare.
Aimee also met with a couple of people who were very overwhelmed and seeking curriculum, looking for advice for gifted children, etc. There was some discussion of Christian vs. secular curriculum.
She also had an odd conversation with a questioner who had multiple people on speaker phone and asked very scripted political questions.
Aimee also noted that VLACS may be putting together local or regional support groups. VLACS is telling people they don’t have to provide certification that they are qualified to be in the class and can take as many classes as they want as an unenrolled student.

Robin did not have anything to report.

Karen reported about an email she received from a homeschooler looking for a list of homeopathic doctors. She also had a question from someone trying to get a CTE seat; that parent is still trying to decide what their course of action will be.

Jacquie gets many “taking my kid out what do I do” and “what should I use for curriculum” calls. A guidance counselor from Bow school district helped a parent get started homeschooling a child who was leaving public school due to bullying. She also advised a parent who was told they must enroll their child in public school instead of continuing attendance at a Montessori school.

Next Meeting Date: Amy noted that the next regular meeting needs to take place at the beginning of June in order to vote on proposed Constitution and Bylaws changes before they go out for referendum vote on the June ballots. She will set up a Doodle poll to get a quorum for this meeting.

Old Business
• HB1414 - Aimee received a lot of questions regarding the bill because people don’t understand the legalese.
HEAC needs to find a way to communicate with the hs community in a plain way.
• Bylaws Changes – The board will elect officers at the regularly scheduled after the annual election of Representatives.
Aimee and Chris will look over the SAU/NHHC district list to make sure it is up to date.
Do we want to keep meeting notice “in the newsletter”?
We will allow non-Coordinator Officers to count toward a quorum and vote on business.
Each Member will get one vote. Members shall be 18 years of age or older.
• 2016 Spring Workshop
George D’Orazio of Catholics United for Home Education – NH joined the meeting as a guest to discuss a CUHE-NH participating in the NHHC Spring Workshop.
Faye Grearson called in to make a quorum for voting on the workshop from 8:15-8:30.
Aimee suggested we use the Activity Hall at St. Elizabeth Seton in Bedford which has many classrooms available.
$350 church
$700 speaker
$200 lunch
$1375 total
A motion was made by Karen to approve up to $1500 for the spring workshop Karen; it was seconded by Jacquie and unanimously passed.
Karen presented a proposed contract to present to Rebecca Rupp. She made a motion to approve the contract with the
addition of questions about AV needs. The motion was seconded by Aimee and passed unanimously.
Karen made a motion to charge workshop attendees $10 for preregistration and $15 for registration at the door. Robin seconded the motion which passed unanimously.
George noted that CUHE will take care of their own lunches.
Jacquie reported that she would also take care of her own lunch because she has celiac.
We will offer coffee in the morning.
Amy will put up the checklist in google docs, order convention bags, check with Jessica Bethune to see if she’ll sell guidebooks at the workshop, find out if we need to order more guidebooks, and check with Aimee to see how many vendors we can fit, and contact Cara Barlow to invite her group.
Marion will invite Maria Chamberlain.

There was no new business.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.