New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition Quarterly Board Meeting

Location Elkins Library
Date: January 26, 2013
Canterbury, New Hampshire Time: 9:08 am
The regularly scheduled meeting of the New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition was called to order at 9:08 a.m.
The following representatives, HEAC members, and guests were present: Stacey Desrosiers, Stef Marsh, Erin Groudas, Abbey Lawrence, Jenny Courser, Jennie Steinhauser, Marion Claus, Karen Deighan, Wendy Bisbee, Chris Hamilton
A motion was made to accept the minutes as read, seconded and passed.
Officers’ Reports:
• Coordinator: Stacey updated the membership database into a new format, Mailchimp has helped clean up the membership list and allows members to unsubscribe and give reasons why in reports, there are many calls coming in, Canterbury Shaker Village education coordinator called looking for names of homeschoolers, Stacey told him he can advertise in our newsletter but cannot have our list.
• Secretary: Marion is using Election Buddy, elections for districts 11 and 12 started Jan. 21 at 10:45am and ends Feb. 3 at 10:27am we had 4 votes for Julie Ridings District 11 and 1 vote for Kathy Connors district 12 as of Jan. 25, Marion made a list of contacts for donating or selling used homeschool curriculum and went through the website to see which links changed and which no longer exist and sent it to Stef.
• Treasurer: See Treasurer Report. Chris needs to step down as interim treasurer. Stef suggested we have a list of Treasurers duties. Erin and Karen will look into the list of Treasurers duties for State and Federal requirements.
• Guidebook Sales Rep: Erin Groudas – needs more guidebooks, has only 30. Should we include the current Homeschool Law and the current list of NHHC Representatives in a separate letter when the Guidebooks are sent out? A motion was made for Erin to purchase 200 Guidebooks. It was seconded and passed.
• Webmaster: 3,338 unique visitors to the website as of Dec. 2012, activity is steady year to year. June was busy due to the new law. Facebook page needs more work and needs ‘likes’ from us. Many people are only using Facebook to communicate. Facebook is becoming a more frequently used resource for NHHC communication. Stef will send out the Facebook login info for members and reps to use. Stef will put our Facebook link on our Website.
• Newsletter Editor: no one is submitting articles, sometimes Abbey includes a section of Homeschoolers Ask…please submit reviews of events or books or a child’s poem. Send an invitation to groups or people you know to become a member for free and submit an article with a website link. A link or post of the newsletter can come up on the Facebook page. Encourage members to put a link to NHHC site or Facebook page on their Facebook page.

HEAC Report:

• In regard to updating the rules (Ed 315) to correspond with the recent law changes, the Dept. of Ed. will probably pass along the recommendations of the council.
• There was discussion about students under age 18, who are no longer allowed to drop out of school, so are being encouraged (by school staff) to stay home and ‘homeschool’ until age 18, even though their parents may be unprepared and/or unwilling to homeschool. If you receive calls about older students who are being pushed into homeschooling as an alternative to public school because they are having difficulty staying in school, but their parents are not equipped to or interested in providing home education, let Abbey know so she can bring it before the HEAC meeting.
• Mary Giles sponsored HB251, which would make the three legislative members of the HEAC voting members (as they were when first added to the committee).
• The legislative members rarely attend meetings and do not vote frequently.
• A bill, to offer scholarships to New Hampshire high school students attending college in the state, is sponsored by Senator Chuck Morse; Abbey was asked to review the language to include homeschoolers in the bill. She suggested that the statement referring to a home education program "approved under RSA 193-A" should be changed to "as defined by RSA 193-A."
• Abbey’s term ends in June – we need a nominee.

Next Meeting Date: April 6, 2013 is the workshop. We’ll meet late April to early May
District Representative Reports:
• Jenny Courser District 5 is getting a lot of phone calls.
• Stacey Desrosiers is also getting a lot of phone calls.
• Wendy Bisbee is getting calls about homeschooling kids who don’t want to be in school, parents are
Old Business:
• Spring Workshop:
• Articles go out 2 months prior to the workshop to local groups. We plan to keep the same format as last year including $15 registration, $20 at the door.
• Hosting a Transcript Workshop in Summer was discussed
• Schedule
• 9am registration
• 9:30-11:30 Panel in the am(Homeschooling Sampler),
• 12:30-2:30 Two workshops Homeschooling Children with Special Needs and Homeschooling Through High School/Law
• 2:30-3:00 linger, talk and browse.
• Responsibilities:
• Stef will print posters and send out articles and mail posters to Libraries in northern NH or advertise in NH Parenting Newspaper
• A Motion was made for Stef to spend up to $250 for publicity on the Spring Workshop 2013. It was seconded and passed.
• Erin will take care of gifts and water for Panelists
• Chris will send Jenny a check for Nackey-Loeb, and get her petty cash for change and receipts
• Stacey will bring all the registration forms and take care of the feedback forms and signs for April 6th as well as supply nametags.
• Jenny Courser will accept Pre-registration forms
• Erin and Marion will cover the Registration Desk
• Wendy will take care of catalogs.
• Anyone bring curriculum to display in the back of the room
• Moderators and Panelists
• Morning Moderators Stef – Moderator High School or Special Needs Jane Grady?
• Morning Speakers–Marion will contact Paula DeBow
• Jennie S. will ask someone for Unschooling
• Erin will ask Melissa
• Special Needs: Marion will ask Heidi Paquette and Rachel Towne, Karen Deighan will be on the panel.
• High School Panel: Jodi Lucci, Emily Marsh? Cheryl Gibbons? Jenny – teens? Jacquie Allman
New Business:
• District 11 and 12 Elections are in process
• Jenny Courser will be leaving the Board in June
• Abbey Lawrence will be retiring from HEAC in June
Adjourn Meeting: adjourned at 11:59pm