New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition Quarterly Board Meeting

New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition Quarterly Board Meeting
Location: Elkins Library Date: 03/08/16 Canterbury, New Hampshire Time: 06:00:00 PM

The regularly scheduled meeting of the New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition was called to order at 6:16 a.m. The following representatives, HEAC members, and guests were present: Amy Gall, Marion Claus, Robin Hanson, Karen Deighan, Aimee Seiler, Chris Seiler, Jacquie Alman, Faye Grearson by phone and George D'Orazio, (NHHC member, HEAC member on behalf of CUHE where he serves as a founding board member).

Officers’ Reports:
Coordinator: Amy Gall – Amy received many phone calls and e-mails but nothing that stood out. Many people are looking for virtual classrooms, many bullying situations, asking about special ed students and if they can still get special services and people looking for an accredited homeschool program. ? Secretary: Marion Claus – Marion respectfully resigned as Secretary but will stay on the Board and help at the Spring Workshop. All Secretary files are in order including a signed Conflict of Interest Policy for each member of the Board, Treasurer's Reports and Meeting notes. Any prospective Secretary is welcome to contact Marion for the electronic files. Marion thanked the NHHC for helping her get through 10 years of homeschooling so far. She answered a few common questions about homeschooling in NH and had many discussions in person about homeschooling methods and resources.
Treasurer: Chris Seiler – See Treasurer's Report. End of year statement will be done soon.
Webmaster: Stef Marsh
Newsletter Editor: Abbey Lawrence Send in articles of interest.
HEAC Report: Some students are taking all their classes through VLACS and are considering themselves homeschoolers. What happens to the termination letter that gets sent to the Commissioner of Education? The COH sends a letter of acknowledgment and files it. Christine Mukai is not homeschooling anymore and will not be renewing her position on HEAC. With the change HEAC is thinking of giving a seat to Relaxed Homeschoolers or NH Unschoolers to take a seat. To take a seat on HEAC someone has to nominate a member of a Homeschool association that was formed in NH. HEAC is going to invite someone from DCYF and VLACS to speak to the group to help clarify some big questions.

Next Meeting Date: Early June 2016 by Doodlepoll

District Representative Report:
1. Contact Aimee Seiler – 30 contacts between Manchester and Portsmouth districts, Evaluation/testing questions, a few interesting conversations about pulling a child out of school but didn't know how to get curriculum. Aimee is following some Facebook conversations about HB1414 and helping to clarify the importance of HEAC. She also sees many people in person at a group named MOSAIC.
2. Barbara Rolland – no report
3. Alli Gaulin – no report
4. Robin Hanson - No contacts yet.
5. Faye Grearson – no report
6. Jessica Bethune – no report
7. Karen Deighan – Had a situation in which a student wants to take a class at a Technical School but is told to register and then wait to see if there is a spot left after the other students have signed up.
8. Jacquie Allman need a notebook questions such as What do I do for curriculum? Has s set of answers ready to give. VLACS questions.
9. Aimee Seiler – see above
10.Erica Sylvester – no report

Guidebooks Bylaws Changes – Elect officers at the June Meeting change to “after the regularly scheduled meeting of the election of the new board members”, Allow non-coordinator officers to be voting board members, allow all NHHC member age 18 or older to vote in elections, SAU district lists need to be revisited for accuracy (Seilers volunteered)

2016 Spring Workshop – Guest Speaker Rebecca Rupp – May 7, 2016 - Location St. Elizabeth Seton in Bedford. New location has 13 classrooms, a kitchen and fellowship hall. NHHC will donate $350 for the cost of the facility. Cost for speaker Rebecca Rupp = $725 HB1414 -

Homeschooling Facebook groups are discussing HEAC. They are saying there is a conspiracy against homeschoolers. HEAC Rulemaking is not done by the DOE, it is done by a counsel. HEAC explains NH Homesschooling laws to homeschoolers and the Board of Education. Discussion took place on how important HEAC is to both School Districts and Homeschoolers.

Spring Workshop Karen made a motion that we spend up to $1,500.00 for the Spring Workshop. Jacquie Alman seconded. Voted on and approved. 8:22 pm A motion was made to approve the proposed contract to Rebecca Rupp, it was seconded, voted on and approved. A motion was made to charge $10 for preregistration and $15 at the door for the 2016 Spring Workshop. It was seconded, voted on and approved. Disscussion took place on how to set up the Workshop. It was decided that the Workshop will start at 10am with the guest speaker, lunch will take place from 11:30-1pm, lunch will be provided for all volunteers and Becky Rupp in the fellowship hall and a trade show will take place in some of the 13 classrooms. 1-2:15 will be the overview of NH Homeschooling Law and the panel discussions. We went through the Workshop Checklist. Meeting adjourned at 9:25pm

Marion Claus